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Combination of TCM & Western Medicine

Interventional Therapy:Starves Cancer to Death

Photon Knife: 3D Conformal Radiotherapy

Particle Knife(125I Seed Implants)

Cryotherapy Therapy

Triple Oxygen Immunotherapy

Multiple Targeted Antitumor Immune Cell Therapy

Patients Story

Risma Idawaty Saragih: I Believe I Will Recovery

VENNY NYOTOWIJOYO: Interventional Therapy Keeps Me Happy

ANACLETO LABIS:My Prolonged Life

When Seeking for Treatment, Keep Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou in Mind——A patient from Surabaya Indonesia thus praised Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Umar Latinulu: Thank MCHG for Being There on My Road of Fighting Cancer

I Felt the Doctors’ Benevolence -Commented Nguyen Huu Thang from Hanoi, Vietnam

Sketcher at Ward Encourage Himself by Painting Others

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