Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor develops in prostate tissues. Specialist from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou figured out that, once a patient is diagnosed with prostate cancer shall never be nervous or panic, but go to a regular hospital for treatments.

Prostate cancer, prostate cancer treatment

Traditional Prostate Cancer Treatments

1. Surgery currently is the most common treatment to prostate cancer. Through opening surgery can radically remove a part of or the whole prostate affected to prevent metastases from occurring.

2. Radiotherapy includes external radiation and interstitial radiation. Interstitial radiation is usually combined with prostatectomy or pelvic lymphadenectomy. General radiation in certain degree can relieve the local pain arising from bone metastases and control the development of lesions.

3.Chemotherapy is a systematic treatment of prostate cancer with chemicals, which can effectively control the spread and metastases of cancer cells.

4. TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) on one hand can efficiently kill and depress on cancer cells to relieve patient condition, on the other hand regulates the physical condition of patient to improve clinical symptoms and enhance immunity to generally acquire better treatment effect.

Biological Immunotherapy

Biological immunotherapy, which is also named autoimmune cell therapy, is to separate the special cells against tumor, DC and CIK monocytes, from peripheral blood of human body, then transfuse back to patient after cell culture and proliferation in laboratory. It kills the tumor cells systematically and prevents the occurrence of metastases and spread, what's more it comes over the shortages like easy metastases, great side effects and so on of three traditional treatments: surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Advantages of Biological Immunotherapy in Treating Prostate Cancer

1. It can effectively remove the cancer cells or small lesions left in surgery and radiotherapy.

2. Enhance the sensitivity of a patient to radiotherapy, reduce the toxic side effects of radiotherapy and improve the treatment effect of chemotherapy.

3. Regulate immunity and repair somatocytes to greatly improve the survival quality of patient.

4. To the late-stage patients who have lost the chance of surgery or have developed recurrence and metastases, it can rapidly relieve clinical symptoms. Most patients can get the therapeutic efficacy like tumor shrinking or surviving with tumor in long term.

Specialist from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou figured out that, in order to gain the best treatment effect, treatments for prostate cancer should not simply focus on local treatment or tend to only one treatment, but shall combine multi-disciplinary treatments like surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, TCM, minimally invasive therapy and so on together according to a patient condition.

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