Zhang Fujun

the Chairman

Dear Professors and Colleagues,:

ln order to promote the development of radioactive particle technology, as well as to strengthen the international cooperation and communication of 125l seed brachytherapy, improve the influence of radioactive particles in tumor treatments, the17th Annual Conference of Chinese lnterventional Brachyseed Society(CIBS), organized by Particle branch of Minimally Invasive Interventional Cancer Treatment Committee of Guangdong Provincial Anti-cancer Association, will be held at Guangzhou in Jun9-11, 2017.

A wide variety of national and international experts will be invited to present their data and to debate controversial issues. The theme of the meeting is “Dose, Technology and Quality" We will continue to advocate the principles and objectives of previous conferences. Together with the famous experts and scholars in this field, we will share the new concept, technology and standard of brachytherapy to anyone and will also explore and discuss the present situation, new idea and issues of 125I seed brachytherapy, Additionally, according to the new management of particle therapy from the National Health and Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China, the meeting will establish a standardized training to strengthen and regulate the clinical application of template in tumor treatment. We will make unswervingly efforts to create a leading academic environment to expand the treatment of brachyseed.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in Guangzhou in 2017. The meeting will offer a great chance to exchange ideas and promote particle treatment of tumors to a new level. It's also our honor to offer this opportunity as an exclusive way to explore Guangzhou' s history and beauty.

Conference theme
Questions about the dose and technology of radioactive particle implantation
Verify the clinical research on inradialization stent under strict medical control
The application of precise particle implantation with guidance and 3D printing template to head and neck tumors
The effect of CT-guided radioactive particle implantation in treating pancreatic cancer in progress
The standard treatment of radioactive particle for pancreatic caner
The key issue in realizing the effect of particle implantation-dynamic change of dosage
Utilize MDT in comprehensive treatment for liver cancer
Questions about the target area of radioactive particle implantation into tumor
Approaching 125I particle implantation for metastatic epidurul spinal cord compression
Reconsideration on the dose and target area of applying radioactive particles to brain glioma
Implantation of radioactive particles with combining Ct guidance with templates for lung malignancy
The operation process and quality control of standard surgery applying radioactive particles to lung cancer
Minimally invasive therapies for liver metastasis
Clinical application of combining particle implantation with nanoknife for tumor

In the conference, national leading experts will share the most cutting-edge updates in particle technology, the hottest topic in medical field, the most successfully conducted case and the most innovative idea.

Zhang FujunChairman
Teng GaojunHonorary Chairman
Wu PeihongHonorary Chairman
Shen BaozhongHonorary Chairman
Wang JunjieHonorary Chairman
Zhang JianguoCo-Chairman
Guo JinheCo-Chairman
Li YuliangCo-Chairman
Gai BaodongCo-Chairman
Wang JuanCo-Chairman
Lu LigongCo-Chairman
Wang RuoyuCo-Chairman
Huang XuequanCo-Chairman
Hu XiaokunCo-Chairman
Han MingyongCo-Chairman
Gao FeiGeneral Secretary

Extinguished experts:

Chen Deji Chai Shude Chen Jinfei Shan Hong Ding Xueqiang Huang Jinhua Lan Nan Li ChenruiLi Shenping Li Zixiang Liu Lei Liu Xuesong Liu Yingxia Lu Weifu Ma Jun

Peng Wangqing Qian Chaonan Shao Guoliang Su Hongying Wang Feng Wang Dawei Wang Jianhua Wang Maoqiang Wu Shaoxin Xiao Xiangsheng Xiao Yueyong

XuRuihua Yang Po Ye Xin Yu Minbin Zhai Bo Zeng Musheng Zheng Chuansheng Zhong Hongshan Zhu Xu Zhu Xiaoli Zou Yinghua

American experts: Douglasw.ArthurSteven J.Frank

Japanese experts: Ken Nakamura Mari Ohmi Naoko Kikuno Shiro Saito Takashi Fukagai

Cooperation units

Special thanks to the following organizations for supporting the conference, which provides a platform for communication on radioactive particle technology, promotes the applying new concept, technology and standard of radioactive particle technology to clinical practice and research field.

Particle branch of Minimally Invasive Interventional Cancer Treatment Committee of Guangdong Provincial Anti-cancer Association
Guangdong Provincial Anti-cancer Association
Minimally Invasive Interventional Cancer Treatment Committee of Guangdong Provincial Anti-cancer Association
St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou
Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Hospital
Zhuhai People's Hospital
Peking University Third Hospital
Shandong Provincial Hospital
Shenzhen Third People's Hospital
Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center (No.1093-1045 Baiyun Road South, Baiyun district, Guangzhou)