ACTL™ cell targeted therapy

What is ACTL™ cell targeted therapy?

ACTL™ cell targeted therapy, called AAV-DC-CTL TM tumor cell targeted therapy technology, also referred to as ACTL™ technology, is the latest tumor biological treatment technology.

ACTL™ tumor targeted therapy uses the way to collect patients’ own cells and takes recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) that carries anti-cancer gene as the carrier to transfuse in vitro prepared CTL cells into the patient through intravenous ways and ultimately kill tumor with these CTL cells.

Because the CTL cells obtained from ACTL™ own powerful targeted killing effect on tumor cells, clinical use of ACTL ™ technology on cancer treatment has obtained remarkable achievements. The survival rate has reached up to 85 % after treatment, thus ACTL™ technology has become the primary means of international clinical cancer treatment.

How does ACTL™ cell targeted therapy work?

CTL cell is a T cell subset as well as a kind of specific T cell owning direct killing effect to certain viruses, tumor cells. Thus, CTL cells and natural killer cells have constituted the defensive line for antiviral & anti-tumor.

Procedures of ACTL™ cell targeted therapy

The procedure of ACTL™ cell targeted therapy includes five steps:

1. Take 50-150ml venous peripheral blood of patient;

2. Isolate the peripheral blood mononuclear cell, culture it and then isolate lymphocytes and monocytes;

3. Add rAAV to infect monocytes, add cytokine to induce and obtain mature DC cells 6 days later;

4. Mix DC cells and lymphocytes to culture and obtain CTL cells after 6 days;

5. Transfuse CTL cells too the patients through intravenous way.

The total treatment time is 12-14 days. The regimen is recommended to undergo 1 time a month; six months for a course.

What are the advantages of ACTL™ cell targeted therapy?

1.Safety:Adeno-associated virus (AAV) as the carrier of tumor antigen gene, has non-pathogenic feature or non-toxic side effects, and won’t damage human body's normal cells.

2.High efficiency:The efficiency for rAAV gene transfecting into DC cells reaches up to 95%. CTL cells can be largely applied to patients to kill tumor cells greatly.

3.Targeting:The CTL cells obtained by ACTL™ technology have specific antigen (that is targeting) which can directly and powerfully kill tumor cells and neovascularization endothelial cells.

4.Reversal of drug resistance:Reverse the resistance of tumor cells to drugs and improve radiotherapy and chemotherapy efficacy of patients.

5.Short treatment course:Single treatment lasts 12-14 days, and this is in line with the clinical needs of the majority of the patients.

6.Little trauma and less pain:Intravenous transfusion brings little trauma and less pain.

7.Effectively prevent the recurrence:Clear postoperative residual cancer cells, prevent recurrence and prolong survival period of patients.

Who can accept ACTL™ cell targeted therapy?

1. Applicable disease: It can be applied to certain kind or several kinds of tumor-associated antigen positive malignant tumors, such as lung cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanoma, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, etc.

2. Applicable stages: Early cancer patients can adopt this therapy during or after surgery to improve the success rate of surgery; This therapy can be performed to cooperate with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, cryotherapy, interventional therapy, etc. to improve the therapeutic efficacy of advanced stage cancer patients; According to conditions of tumor, it can also be used alone to help patients improve immunity against cancer.

ACTL™ in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

In Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, our doctors and researchers have been contributing efforts to the research and clinical use of tumor biological treatment, and through discussion with worldwide cancer specialists, our hospital tumor biological treatment has been walking in the forefront of the international.

The application process of ACTL™ cell targeted therapy technology will involve our professional medical teams, including excellent ACTL™ cells targeted therapy experts, biological experts, immunological experts, tumors specialists specia-lized in cryotherapy, radioactive particle implantation, interventional therapy, etc. and other highly skilled nursing staff.

Due to differences of patients’ condition and physical status, comprehensive therapy shall be taken differently. We would try to improve the patient's treatment plan and reduce complications, so that patients shall have less pain but prolonged survival period with higher life quality.