Biological immunotherapy
“Biological immunotherapy helps me defeat breast cancer”
In 2011, Indahwati Jutiami came to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for examinations because of diarrhea. Examination results showed that she got Stage Ⅱ breast cancer. She chose to take treatments in MCHG because she believed that the advanced medical technologies here can help her fight against cancer. After comprehensive treatment, the careful nursing and encouragement from doctors and nurses of MCHG, her condition gradually became better. Indahwati Jutiami came back for follow-up checkup every year, and took biological immunotherapy to improve her immunity and prevent tumor recurrence. So far, many times of PET/CT examinations showed that there was no evidence of recurrence.”[Click to read her anticancer story]

In October 2011, a French immunologist named Ralph M.Steinman won a Nobel Prize in medicine because of his discovery of dendritic cell (DC) and its operation mechanism in acquired immunity (immune system). What’s more, a stage 4 pancreatic cancer patient’s survival time was successfully prolonged from 1 year to 4 and a half years with the treatment of Ralph M.Steinman. As a result, biological immunotherapy was widely used in cancer treatment.

What is biological immunotherapy?

Biological immunotherapy is a kind of new anticancer technology after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Biological immunotherapy kills and wounds cancer cells or activates the anti-tumor immunologic reaction of the host via transfusing immunocytes with anti-cancer activity into patients.

Biological immunotherapy increases the number of immune cells to improve human immunity, so as to better fight against cancer cells.

Advantages of Biological Immunotherapy
  • (1) High safety
  • (2) Highly targeted
  • (3) Long persistence
  • (4) Wide adaptability
  • (5) Thoroughness
  • (6) Rebuilds immune function
Applicable group:
  • 1. Patients who have ever taken operation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or minimally invasive therapies
  • 2. Patients who are not sensitive to chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • 3. Patients who cannot undergo the suffering of operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • 4. Middle or advanced stage cancer patients with tumor recurrence or metastasis.

Biological immunotherapy is mainly used in the treatment of breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, thyroid cancer, lymphoma, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, etc.

Video of Biological Immunotherapy
Biological immunotherapy has gained the following recognition:
(1) Found and proofed by a Nobel Prize winner
(2) About 30, 000 cases have received Biological Immunotherapy in St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.
Expert comment:

Professor Peng Xiaochi:“Biological immunotherapy is suitable for every cancer patient because of its high safety and few toxic side effects. The immune cells are extracted from the patient’s own self, so there will be no rejection reaction.”

Biological immunotherapy VS traditional operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Item Biological immunotherapy traditional operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Safety High safety High risk
Damage Degree Few toxic side effects and pain Big trauma and great toxic side effects, such as hair losing, vomiting, decline in immunity.
Treatment Characteristics Biological immunotherapy not only kills cancer cells thoroughly and prevents the metastasis and recurrence of cancer cells, but also repairs and restores patient’s damaged immune system, and inhibits the growth of cancer cells Traditional operation is of great risk, and it brings great complications and damage.Radiotherapy and chemotherapy kill not only cancer cells, but also normal cells, which brings great damage and complications to cancer patients.

1.To draw patient’s peripheral blood >> 2. To extract and separate the mononuclear cells >> 3.To culture the immune cells in the laboratory for 12-14 days >> 4. Confirmation of pollution free via bacterial and virus detection >> 5.Cell harvesting >> 6.To transfuse back to patient via intravenous injection, the cell number is up to one billion.

Biological immunotherapy brings them a new life
Susan breast cancer
WILLEM lung cancer
HATTA colorectal cancer