Multidisciplinary Targeted Joint-cell Immunotherapy

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To make it simplify, Mulitple Targeted Antitumor Immune Cell Therapy is “use our own cells to treat ourselves”. It’s a new type of Biological Immune Cell technology developed based on the original DC-CIK technology. The feedback of DC-CIK monoplast therapy on anticancer cell in patients is mainly DC、CIK. The cells type of Multiple Targeted Antitumor Immune Cell has been changed from two to five, namely core cell, such as DC,CTL,NK, γδT and CD3AK core cells. These five cells set up a multi-dimension therapy to fight against cancer. Two men resist the enemy shoulder to shoulder at the beginning, and now it has been developed into five brothers cooperated to fight against the enemy. The treating efficacy becomes better, it largely reduces the rate of tumor recurrence a lot, so Multiple Targeted Antitumor Immune Cell is also called “super cell”.

The function of DC、CTL、NK、 γδT、 CD3AK, five core cells

DC cell—Radar of preventing tumor

DC cell is compared to radar in our body. DC cell doesn’t have ability to kill the tumor cell directly, but it can find out tumor cell and once it finds out tumor cell, it will send out signals to T cell which has killing tumor competence, and then T cell will come to kill tumor cell. After being extracted and cultivated, DC cell will be transfused back to patient’s body, which equals to add a large amount of guards into patient’s body, supervising and guarding our health every moment.

CTL cell—the jinx of tumor

CTL cell is the invincible opponent of tumor cell.CTL (Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte) cell is the “invincible opponentJinx” of tumor cells. CTL is turned into rAAV with multiple tumor related antigens by international advanced gene recombination technology,which has indepedent intellectual property rightInternational advanced level Gene recombination technology has passed independent intellectual property and been transformed into rAAV. The infected DC cell by CTL can stimulate to produce CTL cell which is effective in killing tumor cell. CTL cell has tumor antigen-specificity. That is multiple targeting, and it can kill and damage the antigen positive tumor cell continuously but doesn’t affect the normal cell.

The outstanding feature of this technology is that reversible tumor cell will produce drug fast in biological targeted drug.CTL cell mainly values in targeting, safety, high efficiency and reversible drug-fast.

NK cell—tumor killer

NK cell, the base of tumor cell immune, is natural killer cell, which occupies 15% of the whole immune cells in blood.NK cell has the strongest anticancer activity, which not only kills the cancer cell directly but also restrains the growth and diffusion of tumor.Nk cell can widely recognize the tumor cell,secret perforin and tumor necrosis factor.They dissolve immediately, then damage and destroy tumor cell. The most obvious antitumor value in NK cell is that it can kill or damage the tumor stem cell.NK cell therapy can be used in various cancers, especially blood tumor, lung cancer, lymph cancer, esophagus cancer,breast cancer, liver cancer and other

γδT cell—bodyguard of antitumor

γδT cell is a special type of immune cell between specific immunity and non-specific immunity. It mainly distribute in skin and mucous membrane tissue. At early stage of antitumor immunity , γδT cell has the functional characteristics of DC vaccine and NK cell, which has strong capacity of damaging tumor cell with specificity and non-specificity. γδT cell occupies not more than 5% of T cell in our body. Though it has powerful function, it still plays a limited role because of the low content. So during the antitumor process, efficient amplification ofγδT cell in vitro helps to reach an effective content of γδT cell in our body, which can focus on damaging and destroying tumor cell, and restrains the tumor recurrence and metastasis. γδT cell values in the capacity of killing tumor stem cell and assisting DC vaccine to recognize tumor cell.

CD3AK cell—pioneer of killing tumor

CD3AK cell is a tumor killer cell which is activated and induced by anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody and IL-2.It’s a new type of antitumor immunocompetent cell which participates in direct or indirect tumor killing by secreting soluble cytokines. It has strong extra-corporal multiplication capacity, cytotoxic activity and obvious efficacy of killing tumor cell. It suppresses tumor growth effectively to restrain tumor metastasis. CD3AK cell is used to treat various kinds of tumor, especially be good at treating those virus associated tumor.

Therapy method

Mulitple Targeted Antitumor Immune Cell Therapy is to extract a certain amount of blood to the laboratory, and then carry through cell separation, cultivation and proliferation. When the cultured immune cells reach at a required amount, they should be transfused back to patient’s body. These immune cells can activate the subdued immune system quickly and kill those cancer cell and cancer tissue which exist in blood and tissue.

The advantages of therapy

Immuno-enhancement, realize autonomous anticancer—--activate the body -specific anti -tumor immune effect mechanisms rapidly, enhance body immunity, long term autonomous anticancer effect comes true.

Peculiar and precise, strong targeted cancer killing—recognize the targeted canceration cell effectively, kill or damage the growth of cancer cell, restrain its proliferation , recurrence and metastasis;

Combined therapy, make up the deficiency of traditional therapy-- Mulitple Targeted Antitumor Immune Cell Therapy can be combined with Interventional Therapy, Ar-He Knife(Cryotherapy),and Traditional Chinese Medicine to make up shortcomings of traditional therapy and improve the treating efficacy.

Clinical safety, few side effects--- autologous cell immunotherapy, adopt minimally invasive methods, it has high clinical safety, few side-effects and complications.

Ease cancer pain, prolong patients’life—ease pain effectively, improve patients’symptoms and living quality, prolong patients’life.


Mulitple Targeted Antitumor Immune Cell Therapy applies to the treatment of multiple tumors at different stages

Respiratory system: Lang cancer(small cell lung cancer, squamous carcinoma, adenocarcinoma) etc.

Digestive system: Liver cancer, gastric cancer, intestinal cancer etc.

Urinary system: kidney cancer, adrenal cancer and its metastatic carcinoma etc.

Blood system: acute chronic leukemia, lymph cancer(not include T-cell lymph cancer) and its metastatic carcinoma etc.

Other tumor: Malignant melanoma, nasopharyngeal tumors , breast cancer, prostate cancer , tongue cancer , etc. also include tumor metastasis, as well as the treatment of malignant pleural effusion , malignant ascites.