Ke Liqun
Ke Liqun

Position: Director of Specialist Consultation Center of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou & Guest Professor of Southern Medical University.

Title: Chief Physician

Specialty: Comprehensive treatment for cancer treatment such as minimally invasive targeted therapy

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With thirty years of practicing medicine experience, Pro. Ke has dealt with thousands of cancer cases and accumulated rich experience of cancer diagnosis. He understands what cancer patients think and how they feel. Thus, he combines medical theory with medical skill to study medicine, pay attention to medical practice and have courage for innovation. Pro. Ke has summed up “four combinations” principle, “combination of treating symptoms and root cause”, “combination of partial therapy and general therapy”, “combination of western medicine and Chinese medicine”, “combination of treatment and rehabilitation”. Also, he invocated and applied “four joint” precise strike therapy, “targeted cancer stem cells, precisely killing cancer cells, deeply activation of immune cells, positive regulation tumor microenvironment”. This therapy lets cancer patients at home and abroad, who suffer from the torture of cancer, experience the convenience of effective therapy with low-toxic safety, no relapse. He also explores and makes great contribution to innovation and development of oncology therapeutics.

Education Background:

1982-1984 Anhui Bengbu Heath School

1985-1988 Anhui Medical University, majored in medical administration

1999-2000 Further study of minimally invasive technology in China-Japan Friendship Hospital and Jiangsu Province Hospital

Medical Experience:

1989-1998 Worked on medical administration in Anhui Qingyang hospital

2001-2003 Worked as the oncology director of Fujian Putian National Hospital and promoted to the hospital president

2004-2008 Successively worked as the oncology director of Beijing Zhengguo Group and vice-president in Shanghai hospital and Zhuhai hospital

2009-2011 Directly took part in building up the Zhuhai Cancer Hospital

2011-2012 Work as vice-president of Zhuhai Luda Hospital

2013-2014 Appointed as guest professor of Southern Medical University and the international consulting center expert of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

2014 Worked as oncology director of Beijing Armed Police Hospital

January, 2015 to Now Has Worked as international consulting center expert of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and delivered speeches in Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.

Vice-president of Zhuhai Anticancer Association at the first council

Member of Zhuhai Cancer Rehabilitation Association Council

Committee of Chinese Medical Association of Oncology in Zhuhai

Guest Professor of Southern Medical University

Academic Achievement

1.Cancer Precaution and Rehabilitation (Cowrite with Wang Zhenguo)

2.Clinical Journal of Anhui Traditional Chinese Medicine----One Case of Combined Therapy of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine for Pathologic Q Wave

3.Hazards of Transferred Tumor ---- Platelet Activation Study (Cooperated with Sun Dachun)

Awarded the second prize of Guangdong Province scientific technology improvement in 2005

4.Fudan University Journal of Medical Science---- Study of Platelet Activation Landmark Standard Measure of Bronchogenic Cancer (Cooperated with Zhang Aihua)

5.Dr. Ke Answers Cancer Patients’ Questions (Electronic Edition)

Research Technology

Minimally invasive targeted therapy for solid tumors

Research Topic:


Stem cell

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*Surgery, in addition to the appropriate chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are effective in treating early cancer, but certain patients in late stage of cancer may not be tolerate surgery well as they can be relatively weak. A combination of carefully planned minimally invasive therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can effectively reduce the side effects and discomfort of treatment and may help patient get better efficacy.

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