Zhang Dechun
Zhang Dechun

Position: Director of Biology Experiment Center

Title: Associate Chief Physician

Specialty: Biological immunotherapy

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Graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University in 2004, Director Zhang Dechun stated her work on biological treatment for cancer. In order to provide patients better help and get improvement, she constantly reads books, learns about cancer knowledge, communicates and exchanges with other doctors, and participates in many medical seminars. Additionally, Director Zhang won the progress award of touched characters of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

Education Background

1994-1197 Guilin Health School

2000-2004 Sun Yat-Sen University

Medical Experience

Director Zhang Dechun devoted herself to biological treatment for cancer since she graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University in 2004. As another new therapy following traditional treatment methods, natural therapy can kill potential tumor cells, improve patient’s immunity and consolidate treatment effect. Compared to traditional methods, natural therapy won’t hurt normal tissue of body, has higher safety and better improvement of life quality of patient. Over 10 years, she has been sticking to her work and natural therapy study.

Academic Achievement

To get improvement, Director Zhang continuously reads books and learns, communicates and exchanges with other doctors, and participates in many medical seminars. She once participated in the fifth forum of natural therapy and molecular targeted therapy in tumor treatment of CSCO-south where she communicated with more than 40 domestic and foreign well-known oncologists and exchanged information about natural therapy, molecular targeted therapy, new technology of tumor treatment and comprehensive treatment for tumor and so on. Besides, she summarized her study and experience and published academic papers.

Research Technology:

Biological natural therapy

Research Area:


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*Surgery, in addition to the appropriate chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are effective in treating early cancer, but certain patients in late stage of cancer may not be tolerate surgery well as they can be relatively weak. A combination of carefully planned minimally invasive therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can effectively reduce the side effects and discomfort of treatment and may help patient get better efficacy.

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