As the second figure of female, breasts undoubtedly are charming to male. But a beauty killer named breast cancer is threatening or even destroying them. Globally breast cancer has become the most common malignancy in female and its incidence is increasing with a speed of 0.2%~8% each year, especially in developing countries, the incidence grows more rapid. Each year, there are about 1400,000 people diagnosed breast cancer all around the world and about 500, 000 victims die of it. Therefore it is necessary for us to know it clearly.
Why everyone associates breast cancer to women? That because the incidence ratio between male and female is 1:100. The statistics from authorized studies and researches will expose the secrets of breast cancer to you...[read more]
Do you often use hormonal drugs or cosmetics? Or will you be depressed or in bad mood because of heavy pressure…these details are normally indicating some information, from which those 10 kinds of female should be cautious about the attack of breast cancer...[read more]
As early as 1930, the scientific researchers had found that low-fat diets can prevent breast cancer. Different food contains various nutrients, then how to match a rational diet? Let’s take a look at this natural and delicious dietary for breast ...[read more]
In fact, proper sexual life contributes to regaining health of a breast cancer patient. But compared to normal healthy people, what should a breast cancer patient note in her sexual life? As a breast cancer patient, you may have to care about this....[read more]
I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. I had a happy family. But one day, I found a hard lump in my right breast. And after exact examinations, I was told of breast cancer. My peaceful life was smashed and I started my tough...[read more]
Mrs. Xu from Vietnam was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of receiving surgery in local hospital, she went to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for interventional therapy. After the treatment, Mrs. Xu’s cancer has been effectively controlled and her condition is gradually getting better..[read more]
Traditional treatments of breast cancer include surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. They all work on patients no matter by only one of these treatments or a combination. But as science and technology develop...[read more]
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