Avoid Excessive Sex Life, Notice Harm of Cervical Cancer
Women’s elegancy and beauty come from the inside and outside health, but cervical cancer does not only destroy the unique beauty but also results in the fall of many blossoming lives. With the development of unhealthy lifestyles and the deterioration of living environment, the incidence of cervical cancer is getting high, ranking in the second place in the female malignancies, which is only second to breast cancer. According to the worldwide statistics, there are about 466 thousand of new cases with cervical cancer of which cases from Asia accounts for 235 thousand. However, the counts of cases are only the tip of iceberg and there are another worldwide statistics showing that there are 10 million of women who develop high-grade cervical precancerous lesions and 30 million of cases with low-grade cervical precancerous lesions. Furthermore, Ministry of Health has viewed cervical cancer as one of eight cancers to control strictly.
1.Cervical Cancer Is Quietly "Staring” on Young Women
Relevant data shows that some gynecological diseases, for example cervical cancer that was more commonly developed among women at age of 50 years old, have been quietly staring on young women. Cervical .
cancer has become a “killer” threatening the health of young women. A lot of women around age of 30 have been developed early to late stage of cervical cancer, which is nearly 10 years "younger" than that of the past...[read more]
2.Why does cervical cancer “fall in love with” you?
Early marriage, early childbearing, having sexual life in too early age, and having several sexual partners at the same time are prone to induce cervical diseases and without immediate treatment, they are possible to develop into cancer...[read more]
3.How to Deal with Patients with Cervical Cancer who Have Lost Confidence to Live on?
Once known themselves get cancer, most of cancer patients will lose desire to live on and even want to die. At this time, the mental nursing and care for them is very important, aiming at recall their hope and beliefs to live
on. Only with firm belief to defeat cancer can patients fight against cancer strongly...[read more]
4.Anticancer Recipe
When people are losing appetite and cannot intake sufficient nutrition, it will give cancer cells an opportunity to invade. This journal introduces several recipes that not only can relieve summer-heat but also are rich in
anticancer substances to help people prevent cancer effectively. Furthermore, these are easy to cook...[read more]
◆ Brief Introduction to Cervical Cancer
How much do you know cervical cancer? Do you know its causes, incidence rate, screening methods and other related information? Click here to know more!
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Ms. Ti from Indonesia was diagnosed with cervical cancer in February 2009. To seek better treatment effects, her and her families travelled all the way to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, China. With group...[read more]
Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Rescued Indonesian Patient with Cervical Cancer.
Zhang Saijuan, 56 years old, was unfortunately developed with "the most powerful killer for women” -- cervical cancer. Living in penury and suffering from this serious disease, she did not bow to fate but seek medical treatment everywhere. How fortunate was that she got help from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and the hospital reduced part of her medical...[read more]
Treatment Options for Cervical Cancer
With the advancement of science and technology, there are many treatment options for cervical cancer but which treatment options are most applicable to individual patient, there are many factors that need to be considered, such as the size of tumor, stage, patient’s age and systemic physical condition, so what are the treatment options for cervical cancer? Click here!
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