Your satisfaction is the best encouragement to us

Your satisfaction is the best encouragement to us

  Your satisfaction is the best encouragement to us

  Mrs.Di(Alias) is a cervical cancer victim from Indonesia. She immediately and successfully took the radical surgery of cervical cancer when her cervical cancer was found in local hospital on Feb. 2009. Mrs. Di thought that she has broken away from cervical cancer because there was absence of complaint after surgery. But an intense pain attacked her lower abdomen suddenly on Feb. 2012 and CT scan in local hospital indicated a tumor in her middle and lower abdomen. Meanwhile, the pain-killers from local hospital did not work on her any more as the pain aggravated to afflict her day and night.

  Her family was anxious so much and asked around where is a better hospital for cancer. Finally she found Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for further treatments on May, 2012. CT scan performed by specialist in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou revealed tumors in both uterus and abdomen which were local recurrence after surgery and were metastases to abdominal cavity. Specialist of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou applied interventional therapy cooperating with Ar-He knife for Mrs. Di according to consultation. After that her condition was primarily controlled, while her spirit, appetite and sleep improved to wait for further treatments.

  The nurses on 7th floor took care of Mrs. Di attentively no matter on treatments or life through her hospitalization. Besides they also encouraged her to fight the cancer confidently and positively, which made Mrs. Di feel that she was well cared. What the nurses had done for her moved her deeply that Mrs.Di and her family insisted on giving the nurse 200 USD as thanks. But the nurses returned the money on the second day. To serve the patients heartedly is our responsibility, the satisfaction of patients is the greatest approval and encouragement to us, on which also is the principles Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou would persist.

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