Bone Cancer Diagnosis

Medically, there are many bone cancer diagnosis methods, which can help the doctor find out the stage of bone cancer and work out the suitable treatment plant for the patient. What are the basis and common methods of bone cancer diagnosis? Here, experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou will tell us.

Bone Cancer Diagnosis

What Are the Diagnostic Bases of Bone Cancer?

1. Early bone cancer often causes intermittent dull pain, which will soon transform to persistent severe pain with aggravation at night. That is an important basis of bone cancer diagnosis.

2. Another basis of bone cancer diagnosis is systematic toxic reaction, including loss of appetite, weight loss, systematic exhaustion and dyscrasia, etc.

3. Bone cancer mainly happens to teenagers from 15 to 25 years old. It often locates in metaphysis in the long bones of limbs and parts surrounding the knee joints. This is also an important basis of bone cancer diagnosis.

4. Symptoms, such as temperature rising on local skin, venous engorgement, rapid growth of bone tumor and with pain under compression, pathologic fracture and dysfunction of joints, are also bases of bone cancer diagnosis.

What Are the Diagnostic Methods of Bone Cancer?

Bone scan examination: after injected with some contrast medium, bone is filmed by a special photographic device and becomes visible.

1. Imaging examination: such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI, can help the doctor evaluate the parts infiltrated by cancer.

2. Biopsy: to extract a small tissue for bone cancer detection, including:

a. Needle aspiration biopsy: to extract a small cancer tissue for biopsy with a fine needle

b. Surgical biopsy: the doctor cuts an incision on the skin to take out part of the cancer tissues or the entire tumor for bone cancer detection.

Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that one should go to regular hospital for treatment timely once diagnosed with bone cancer.

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