Bone Cancer Treatment

Bone cancer is one of the common cancers, for which patients are seeking for the most effective treatment method. How to make your choice of treatment? See what experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou say about the various treatment options:

The Common Treatment Methods for Bone Cancer

1. Surgery: while making your choice, keep it in mind that the priority is to save life. Limbs can only be retained on the condition that the survival rate is not brought down. So far, surgery of bone cancer includes: curettage, resection, segmental resection of bone cancer with distal end re-plantation, amputation and disarticulation.

2. Radiation therapy: the dose of radiation depends on the condition of the bone cancer patient, but most of the bone cancer cells are not sensitive to radiation. Therefore, the effect of radiation is not very good.

3. Chemotherapy: chemotherapy is usage of medicines to inhibit the growth of cancer, which are often accompanied with radiation and surgery. But it is of great toxic side-effect and can damage the normal cells. Therefore, treatment plan must strictly sticks to the condition of bone cancer patients.

Minimally Invasive Treatment for Bone Cancer

1. Chinese medicine: Chinese medicine has great effect on different bone cancer patients with different symptoms, as it was prescript, adjusted and improved according to the climate and symptoms to make sure that it is suitable for each patient and in different seasons. That is the greatest advantage of Chinese medicine.

2. Bio-immunotherapy: bio-immunotherapy can help reconstruct the damaged immune system of bone cancer patients. Meanwhile, its combination with surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy can receive a complementary effect. Bio-immunotherapy, combined with surgery, can prevent recurrence and transfusion of bone cancer, while its combination with radiation therapy and chemotherapy can extend patients' lives and improve their life quality.

Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that, family members should care more about the patients and give them confidence of fighting against cancer. As for patients, they should be confident and brave, and do not give themselves up.

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