Ovarian Cancer
  • They come from different countries but have similar experience; they are all tortured by cancer. Fortunately, with effective treatment and carful nursing in St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, they fight against cancer bravely and now regain their confidence of life. Here, they share their anti-cancer experiences.
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LANDRIANY      Ovarian Cancer

An ovarian cancer patient LANDRIANY from Indonesia took interventional therapy, microwave ablation etc in MCHGZ. So far her tumor has shrunk to 6 cm from 11 cm. Now she is in stable...

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Rumani Marwina Hutabarat      Ovarian Cancer

Rumani Marwina Hutabarat, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, came to MCHG. After seven times of interventional therapy and natural therapy in MCHG, her tumor has shrunk by 90%....

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Tai Shiran      Ovarian Cancer

Mrs. Tai Shiran, a 76 year-old ovarian cancer patient comes from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, whose condition is greatly improved after one and a half years’ treatments in Modern Ca...

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Miss Zhong ; Mr. Wu      Ovarian Cancer

Author: He Liangqiong, Nursing Department, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou The quiet and sweet nurse station of 5th floor became busy suddenly in the morning on May 7. President of...

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      Ovarian Cancer

This is my third return visit to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. After putting down the luggage, I chat with the acquainted nurses and say hello to the wardmates from door to door...

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Nowiti Sagala      Ovarian cancer

Nowiti Sagala from Medan, Indonesia, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2019. After undergoing surgery and radiotherapy at the local hospital, she experienced a relapse after ovar...

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Vu Thi Canh      Ovarian Cancer

Vu Thi Canh, an ovary cancer patient from Vietnam, took interventional therapy and natural therapy at St. Stamford MCHG. Now cancer cells in her abdomen have disappeared and she is ...

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