Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Oncologists in St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital are 24 hours on duty to monitor patient’s condition.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us by online consultation, email or phone, experts will answer your questions based on your condition.
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How to go to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou? How about the visa application? Who should I get in touch with?
You can directly contact the staff in Manila or Cebu Office; they will help you deal with the related issues. Or you can contact us via online consultation, we will give you guidanc
How can I take cancer treatment in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou? Do I need to consult the doctor first or a referral from the doctor?
With the assistant of the staff in our Manila or Cebu Office, you will be hospitalized at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou smoothly.
Where will the treatment be done, in Guangzhou, Manila or Cebu?
The treatment will be done in Guangzhou. Manila and Cebu Offices only offer face-to-face consultation and assistance to the related procedures of hospitalization.
What is the location of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou?
Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is located in Guangzhou, but offices are set up in different countries. Two offices are set up in Manila and Cebu, aiming to offer expert consultati
What kind of hospital is Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou?
Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is a joint venture of Singapore Perennial Real Estate Holdings Limited and the biggest medical investment group of China—Boai Medical group.
In Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, what kind of treatment will patients take?
For cancer patients, we mainly treated with minimally invasive therapies, including interventional therapy, cryotherapy, etc.
How much will the treatment cost? How to make payment?
Experts will give you cost estimate first, the cost actually depends on the treatment patient took. So if there is change in the treatment option, cost may change as well. You can m
Can I go with my family? Is there any preferential policy for my families?
We offer free transportation service and accommodation for your family member. Other services are also available; please contact us to get more information.
Are transportation service and translation service available? How should I get to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou after I arrive at Guangzhou?
Free transportation and translation service will be well arranged once you decide to take cancer treatment in our hospital.
Can I have a companied interpreter during my hospitalization?
Interpreters in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou are 24 hours on duty, so you can get free translation service at any time during your hospitalization.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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