Breast Cancer

Among Asian countries, the Philippines has the No. 1 incidence of breast cancer, one in 13 Filipinos will develop breast cancer. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, in 2018, 24,798  new cases of breast cancer were newly enlarged in the Philippines, the mortality rate ranked the third with 8,057 dead cases. Early detection and treatment are the key factors to improve breast cancer patients’ survival rate. In addition, an appropriate treatment plan is also of great importance. Although one was diagnosed with middle or advanced stage breast cancer, she still can get ideal efficacy if she chooses an appropriate treatment plan. Minimally Invasive therapy prevents breast cancer patients from breast resection and side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

If you are diagnosed as breast cancer, consult online or contact us at 02-8-822122 (Manila Office)  to get a second opinion.

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