Breast Cancer Symptoms

General Symptoms of breast cancer

1. Breast cancer patients in early stage are not able to be detected as obvious lumps, but often accompanied with local discomforts. This situation happens very often especially in women after menopause.

2. Early stage breast cancer patients can reach bean-size masses in their breast grand, which are hard and movable but with no sharp pain, while a few patients might bear intermittent pain or pricking pain.

3. Change of the breast shape. Visible skin bulge can be seen in the mass region, local orange peel -like skin, edema, and even discoloration may appear in some cases.

4. Nipples in the center are associated with nipple retraction; breast skin is accompanied with mild depression, nipple erosion, nipple asymmetry, skin thickening, coarsening, and enlarged pores.

5. Axillary lymph nodes swelling. Swelling in ipsilateral axillary lymph nodes is most commonly seen, while swelling in the supraclavicular lymph nodes has fallen into the advanced stage.

Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The symptoms that have been listed make up the majority of the early symptoms of breast cancer. The first thing that is often noticeable is the lump or mass in the breast. This is one of the major indicators of breast cancer which is found in the early stage. It is possible that a lump will form in the armpit area as well. Other skin and nipple related symptoms are also common during all stages of the breast cancer also but they may not be so noticeable in the early stages. Keep in mind that the early symptoms of breast cancer may also be experienced as a result of other health problems so you should not assume the diagnosis based on these symptoms occurring.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

It is a good idea for all women to do breast checkup at least once a year. You can get this done by your doctor or touch it yourself. Make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for. Early symptoms of breast cancer may go unnoticed but when examining the area they are relatively easy to Early. The lump should be noticeable and prominent from the surface of the skin. If there is any change in the texture and appearance of your breast skin or nipples then this should also be easy to notice. If you keep examining your breasts on a regular basis then it will be easier to identify when there has been any change to it.

Regular breast examination can help to detect early symptoms of breast cancer and achievebetter treatment results.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Women

Symptoms of breast cancer in women vary slightly . If you are a woman you may expect to experience breast lump and changes of the skin and nipples in your breast area. There may be other symptoms that could be experienced aside from this as well though. You can look for a full list of breast cancer symptoms but this has covered the majority of the common symptoms that are likely to be noticed by female patients with this type of cancer.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Men

There are some similarities in the symptoms of breast cancer in men and women but there are a few differences that are more likely to be noticed by male patients. In many cases, it is commonly to see firm patches under the nipple area of the skin. This may be a major symptom that is experienced by the male and different from females. It is possible that symptoms of breast cancer in men will include various types of changes to the skin and nipples as well. In most instances of breast cancer the symptoms are only usually noticed in a single nipple. Also, if the breast cancer has spread then you may experience other symptoms such as bone pain, weight loss, and general weakness.

The symptoms of breast cancer are mostly to do with the breast skin and nipples. If the cancer spreads then symptoms may be noticed throughout the body as well. When the cancer is in its early stages the symptoms are typically restricted to the breast area though.Even though these symptoms may not be able to find at the first sight, they are still relatively easy to be detected if you examine the area. Ultimately, there are numerous symptoms of breast cancer and it is important if you can get timely examinations and effective treatments. So, visit a doctor timely when any abnormal symptom is found.

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