Medical Guideline

Environment and location

Located in tropics and next to Baiyun Mountain, the air of MCHG is clean and fresh. The annual average temperature of Guangzhou is 22.8 degrees.

VIP wards and standard wards are set to meet the requirement of different patients. Wards in MCHG are with complete living facilities, such as toilet, bathroom, living room, kitchen, etc.

Translation Service

We have a professional translation team to offer you with 24-hours translation services. Translation services we offer include English, Indonesian, Filipino, Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese, etc.


Self-catering kitchens are set at the end of the corridor of the third, fifth, seventh floor, which are equipped with microwave oven, induction cooker, refrigerator, kitchenware for you and your families to cook foods you like.

Mobile phone and Network

We offer phone card which can be used in China, if you want to use your own phone card, please launch the international roaming services in advance. We’ve got WIFI in the ward, you are able to watch the TV channels of your own country.

Medical Insurance

If you have bought medical insurance in your own country, you can consult the insurance company or our oversea office about the medicare. We are willing to offer cooperation and provide documents the company needs.

Daily nurse

Doctors and nurses in MCHG are 24 hours on duty. We also offer cleaning service, laundry service, breakfast and afternoon tea.

Service for your families

MCHG offers your families not only bed for sleeping, but also meal from the cafeteria.


We respect everyone’s religion and offers space for prayer. We can also help you contact the nearby church.


Cash(only RMB and Dollar), Visa, Master card, Japan Burden Credit Card (JCB) are available here. You can pay you treatment cost in our oversea office or directly remit money to the bank account of MCHG.

Reexamination and return visit

After discharging from MCHG, staff in oversea office will pay a return visit to follow your recovery and offer help. Our staff will remind you to take reexamination in advance.

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