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What is Combination of TCM and Western Medicine Therapy?

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou applies combined treatment of TCM & western medicine therapy, which is featuring combined strength of two medicines and advantages of employing brand-new therapeutic system to achieve better effect and lessen side effect. Minimally invasive therapy is the crucial idea of targeted therapy, while finding the most fundamental aetiological agents to treat diseases is the greatest advantage. Hence we can achieve the best therapeutic effect.

Antitumor therapeutic effectiveness 1+1>2

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou applies combined therapy of TCM & minimally invasive targeted treatment to treat cancer. These two medicines complement each other’s advantages, so that the effectiveness of combined therapy is better than any single therapy. The minimally invasive targeted technology can eliminate, kill and damage tumor steadily, precisely and aggressively with minimum harm to the body. Additionally, traditional Chinese medicine balances impaired health systematically to combat cancer, enhance immunity and build up health. In conclusion, combined therapy of traditional Chinese and Western medicine can treat tumor more effectively and easily.

TCM & Western medicine, cancer treatment

How does Combination of TCM and Western Medicine Therapy Work?

Continuous traditional Chinese medicine intra-arterial infusion

Infusing TCM directly into tumor via inter-artery catheterization spray pump can combat cancer immediately.

TCM aerosol inhalation Application of TCM aerosol inhalation can have a direct therapeutic effect towards respiratory tumor.

Rectal instillation of heated TCM Instilled to rectum, the heated TCM takes effect after being absorbed by rectal mucosa. This therapy is suitable for intestinal tumors patients.

TCM acupoint injection therapy Inject the anti-cancer TCM via acupoint and allow them to be transported throughout the body via channels and collaterals. We apply this therapy to balance patient’s Yin and Yang.

Herb soup nurse impaired health integrally

Chinese patent drugs are good for hemopoiesis; can lessen side effect caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Injection controls tumor and enhance immunity

External application Includes lavipeditum and external liniment,etc.

What are the advantages of Combination of TCM and Western Medicine therapy?

1、Application of this therapy before surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can enhance patient’s immunity and create conditions for the above operations; and reinforce both Qi and blood, reduce complications and promote recovery afterwards.

2、Application of this therapy can kill and damage tumor cells directly, slower or stop proliferation cycle of tumor cells, interfere with the growth, metabolism and proliferation of tumor cells.

3、Application of this therapy can improve therapeutic effect and reduce side effect of radiotherapy and chemotherapy by controlling toxic side effect of chemotherapy effectively and lightening inflammation caused by radiotherapy.

4、Application of this therapy can prevent secondary tumor. It can eliminate tumors by killing or inhibiting small lesions that appear after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and prevent unlimited reproduction of tumor cells.

5、Application of this therapy can control the growth of tumor and prolong patient’s life for those who are not suitable for surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or terminal tumorous patients. Some of them even survive with tumors for more than 5 or 10 years, without difference from common people.

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