Cryotherapy, also known as "Argon-Helium Knife Cryotherapy" or cryoablation, is a new substitute of traditional physical therapy. Cryotherapy is a kind of minimally invasive therapy which removes diseased tissues percutaneously. It is the first medical technology that adopts the guidance technology of space rocket, and it is the only high precision medical technology that has the dual effect of extreme cold and heat, and it has been approved to use in treating cancers by the America Food and Drug Administration.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is generally known as an "extreme cold + extreme heat" cancer treatment, it actually is an important ablation technique. Generally, the Argon freezes the tumor lesions to 120℃~180℃ below zero, which leads them to coagulation necrosis; after that, the Helium rapidly heat up to 20℃~40℃ to unfreeze the hard ice and lead blasting, which induces cancer cell dehydration, rupture, anoxia, so as to kill cancer cells and destroy the tumor tissues.


The first step: to perform local anesthesia

The second step: to fix a position with Computed Tomography

The third step: to insert the needle of cryotherapy

The fourth step: Argon will be injected to freeze the tumor to form an ice ball

The fifth step: Helium will be injected to heat the tumor and blast the ice ball

The sixth step: to repeat the above steps for two to three times, so as to kill cancer cells.

The seventh step: to pull out the needle, and the whole procedure is finished.

Cryotherapy and interventional therapy help me defeat liver cancer

NGUYEN HUU THANG  liver cancer  

In 2009, NGUYEN HUU THANG was diagnosed with liver cancer, Mr. Lin, father of NGUYEN HUU THANG’s son’s colleague, suggested him to take cancer treatment in China. Actually, Mr. Lin also got lung cancer, but his condition is under well controlled after taking cancer treatment in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for 3 years. Therefore, NGUYEN HUU THANG decided to take cancer treatment in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. After taking interventional therapy, cryotherapy and other comprehensive therapies, NGUYEN HUU THANG’s condition is quickly under well controlled. At the beginning, NGUYEN HUU THANG was requested to have follow up checkup every months, then he was allowed to take follow up checkup every three months, now he just need to take examination once a year. So far, 6 years past, there is no recurrence of his tumor, and he lives a normal life now. Click to read his anticancer story

Applicable Group

1. Patients who cannot undergo operation or fear of operation

2. Patients who have tolerance of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

3. Patients who got poor efficacy after taking traditional operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

4. Middle or advanced stage cancer patients with tumor recurrence or metastasis

Applicable diseases:

Crythoreapy is mainly used to treat solid tumors, such as breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, renal cancer, skin cancer, melanoma, osteosarcoma, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, penile cancer, oral cancer, etc.

Cryotherapy VS Traditional Resection Operation

Item Advanced Cryotherapy
Traditional Resection Operation
High Safety
High risk
Damage Degree
Small trauma, few damage to normal tissues and can be performed repeatedly.
Big trauma, more bleeding and pain, high risk of recurrence and metastasis.
Treatment characteristics
There is no need to take operation but can get the same effect as resection operation. Cryotherapy destroys tumor tissues thoroughly with the treatment of “extreme hot & extreme cold.” Cryotherapy is of less bleeding and quick recovery.
Operation brings great trauma to human body. Patients after operation are of high risk of infections and complications.


1. Small trauma, quick recovery

Operation brings great damage, infections and complications, but the needle of cryotherapy is only 2-4mm, so patient can get a quick recovery with small trauma.

2. Few side effects

Operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy bring great damage to human body. Actually, cryotherapy is a kind of physical therapy; it kills cancer cells without hurting normal tissues. Therefore, compared with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, cryotherapy is of few toxic side effects.

3. Real time monitoring

The whole process is performed under the guidance of image monitor, so the temperature, time, size and shape of the ice ball can be set and controlled accurately.

3. Activation of immunity

The remaining dead tumor tissues actually can regulate and control the tumor antigen, and activate the anticancer immunity to remove the residual cancer cells and necrotic cells.

5. Significant effect

Cryotherapy destroys tumor tissues thoroughly with extreme low temperature. It not only relieves cancer patient’s pain, but also prolongs their survival time.

6. Wide scope of application

Cryotherapy not only is effective in treating tumor of small size or big size (whose diameter is over 5cm), but also can remove the residual tumor tissues after operation. Thus, it is suitable for old and weak cancer patients to take it.

7. Local anesthesia

Cryotherapy adopts local anesthesia, so there is no limitation and risk of general anesthesia.

8. Repeatability

Cryotherapy can be performed repeatedly to improve and strong the efficacy without hurting normal tissues.

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