Keep an Easy Mind Helps Breast Cancer Patients Recover

As a most common female malignant tumor, breast cancer takes the top incidence in female. Though its cause is unclear yet, researchers thought that it is possibly related to the long-term constrained mind of patients.

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In the treatment course for breast cancer, most patients have to choose surgery to remove the tumor. According to investigations, most patients after surgery are feeling dreary, which affect the rehabilitation greatly. So doing well in physical and mental care can let the patients keep an easy mind to prevent breast cancer from recurring and promote rehabilitation. Below are the instructions of physical and mental care for breast cancer patients after surgery:

Physical care

1. Nursing people have to note the physical condition and trauma bleeding of a patient, keep the trauma clean and perform proper nursing care in time.

2. Patients after surgery must stay in bed for 6 hours. Nursing people then should help a patient to turn over or move the legs.

3. Instruct patients the rehabilitation exercise and proper diets according to their individual condition.

Mental care

Majority of breast cancer patients feel agony for losing their breasts after surgery. Additionally they also worry for their family and social status that they present melancholy and disappointment, some severe patients even lose their confidence in life to refuse all the consequent treatments. So it is important to ensure patients an easy mind through mental care.

1. Talk to patients clearly about the advantages and shortages of surgery ahead, so they can develop trust in treatment and doctors. This can also avoid patients from regretting after surgery.

2. Concern patients more after surgery and try to give them a hint about the remedies for their breasts by other means, such as wearing special brassieres. To the patients of bad moods, nursing people must talk to them in time and tell them the importance to keep an easy mind, so that they can get a proper awareness about their disease.

3. Patients need the support from family and friends. Without pushing patients mentally too much, family and friends around should encourage them to fight the cancer bravely and help them to set up the confidence of their beautiful images in family and society.

4. Nursing people and family can encourage patients to have proper physical exercises like a little walk, mountain climbing and so on according to ones’ physical condition.

Specailists from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou also emphasized that, mental care not only is a key to prevent breast cancer from recurring, but also is the kep to rehibilitation. And through years clinical tests, patients of easy mind can recover faster than others after treatment.

*Surgery, in addition to the appropriate chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are effective in treating early cancer, but certain patients in late stage of cancer may not be tolerate surgery well as they can be relatively weak. A combination of carefully planned minimally invasive therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can effectively reduce the side effects and discomfort of treatment and may help patient get better efficacy.

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