Bone Cancer Symptoms

Bone cancer is the common name of malignant bone tumors. Bone cancer includes giant cell tumor of bone, osteogenic sarcoma, chondroma sarcomatosum, multiple myeloma and so on. There are many factors that lead to bone cancer, and the symptoms of bone cancers may differ from each case and difference of categories. Oncologists of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou would like to introduce the causes and symptoms of bone cancer.

Bone Cancer Symptoms

What Are the Causes of Bone Cancer?

The causes of bone cancer have not been completely defined. In the past, it is believed that chronic slight damage and chronic infection may cause bone cancer. Meanwhile, over growth of bone, chronic inflammation stimulation, genetic factor, special viral infection, blocked blood recirculation inside the bone or radioactive ray irradiation may be related with bone cancer.

What Are the Symptoms of Bone Cancer?

1. Bone surface of bone cancer patients may emerge a solid lump: some may feel pain; while some may not;

2. Bone cancer patients may suffer from pathological fracture or deformation of bone;

3. Bone cancer patients may get fever or suffer from weight loss, exhaustion, decrease of locomotor activity and so on;

4. Bone cancer patients may suffer from continuous or un-explanatory back pain;

5. Bone cancer patients may suffer from one or multiple fracture without obvious reasons;

6. Because tumor oppresses nerves or blood vessels, this may cause insensible feeling of distant end of extremities of bone cancer patients;

7. Bone cancer patients may feel pain or swelling in bone or joint, and at night the pain may get worse and manifests as continuous dull pain or temporary pain when pressed.

Bone cancer experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind: hope family members pay more care to bone cancer patients and help them to gain the confidence to fight against cancer with positive attitude.

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