Penile Cancer Treatment

Penile cancer is a kind of malignant tumor and has great threaten to males’ health. Therefore, early discovery and timely treatment must be adhered. Here, tumor experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou would like to introduce the following treatment methods for penile cancer:

Traditional Treatment Methods for Penile Cancer

1. Surgery: surgery includes: circumcision, partial excision of penis, total resection of penis, bilateral inguinal lymph node dissection and iliac lymph node dissection. In which, if tumor is small and limited to foreskin, then circumcision can be performed; if partial excision of penis is required, then at least 2 cm above the position of tumor shall be cut; if the residual penis is too short, then total resection of penis can be carried out; if there is lymph node metastasis, bilateral inguinal lymph node dissection shall be performed; if there is Cloquet's node metastasis, iliac lymph node dissection is required.

2. Radiotherapy: in early stage, penile cancer patients can receive radiotherapy, however, radiotherapy alone won’t exert ideal therapeutic effect, but it can be taken as auxiliary measures after surgery to improve therapeutic effect of surgery.

3. Chemotherapy: chemotherapy combing with surgery can improve therapeutic effect definitely.

4. TCM: TCM has the function of regulating imbalance, strengthening body resistance and anticancer. If combine both advantages of TCM and western medicines, the therapeutic effects shall be greater than that of any single one.

Interventional Therapy of Penile Cancer

Interventional therapy of penile cancer includes endovascular interventional treatment and non-vascular interventional treatment. Interventional treatment is performed under the circumstance of not exposing foci: it is to cut an incision that may be a few millimeters in diameter, or through the original pipelines that the body itself owns to carry out treatment on local foci under the guidance of imaging facilities and instruments.

Advantages of Interventional Therapy for Penile Cancer:

1. Well-directed: interventional therapy can accurately localize and sophisticatedly treat penile cancer, and cut off blood supply of tumor;

2. Strong repeatability: interventional therapy won’t be limited by tumor cell metabolism period. According to patient’s condition and treatment demands, interventional therapy can be performed to tumor nodus that in different stages, or repeatedly occur or multi-occur for many times;

3. Real time therapeutic effect evaluation: under the monitor of DSA (imaging facilities), interventional therapy can accurately be performed with real time therapeutic effect evaluation;

4. Fewer side effects: interventional treatment can impose high drug concentration on local foci with less dosage and fewer side effects;

5. Little trauma: during the process of interventional treatment, the incision on skin is just about 2mm so that penile cancer patient would suffer little pain;

6. Quick recovery: penile cancer patients can get out of bed for walking, and after about 3-7days, they can be discharged from hospital;

7. Significant clinical therapeutic effects: after interventional treatment, penile cancer patient can own a prolonged survival period and also save the cost of hospitalization.

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