Penile Cancer Symptoms

Penile cancer is a malignancy uncommon in generative organs.But the incident rate of which is increasing year by year. Knowing the symptoms of penile cancer is very helpful to detect the cancer earlier and prevent it from developing into the late stage or threatening patient's life. Then what are the symptoms of penile cancer?

Penile cancer symptoms

Penile cancer symptoms

1. The early cancerous symptoms of penile cancer would present as thickening in balanus or epithelium of prepuce. Most penile cancer patients have the symptoms like papula, ulcer, verrucae or cauliflowerlike plaque, which can further develop to erosion, hard and irregular edge. Accompanied that are tingle or burning pain and smelly purulent secretion. A patient can touch the lump or nodules and feel the tenderness locally through prepuce when capistration or prepuce can not upturn. Early penile canceration can be seen after taking circumcision.

2. Without proper treatments, as the condition develops, the symptoms of early penile cancerization like warty nodules increase or ulcer extension are thinning and brightening of prepuce may occur. Late-stage cancer would encroach on the whole penis and spongy body of penis. The distal segment of penis can present necrosis and abscission with local unbearable pain because of poor blood circulation. After cancer infiltration develops in spongy body of penis, a patient would have symptoms like pain and difficulty in urination, or even urine retention or urinary fistula.

3. Swelling inguinal lymph nodes are possibly from encroachment of cancer cells or inflammation. Penile cancer patients are normally found of swelling inguinal lymph nodes, but most cases are owing to penile cancer combining with local infection, only little cases are caused by cancer metastases.

4. When distant metastases happen, correspondent symptoms may develop in the organs or tissues being affected. Besides, other symptoms like anemia and loss of appetite may present, too.

Above is the introduction to penile cancer symptoms. Specialists from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that once any signs mentioned above occure, the patient should be alert to penile cancer so as not to delay treatments. Through effective treatments, the therapeutic effect can be improved on penile cancer patients in early stage.

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