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Penile Cancer Diagnosis

Penile cancer is a common malignant cancer among males, which is seriously affecting male’s health. Like most of cancers, early detection is very important for penile cancer patients. Here, experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou will give you an introduction of penile cancer diagnosis.

Diagnostic Methods of Penile Cancer

1. Imaging examination

(1) Lymphography: lymphography is helpful in diagnosing penile cancer with metastasis, but cannot be used as routine examination. Contrast solution can be infused in the dorsum of the foot, penis and lymphatic vessel of the spermatic cord to enhance the imaging effect. If metastasis has happened, lymphography will reveal irregularity and filling detect of lymph nodes as well as deformation and compressive obstruction of the lymph vessels.

(2) B-ultrasound: it can help determine whether there is metastasis in the liver and abdomen.

(3) CT/MRI: they can reveal whether there is metastasis in the organs and posterior part of peritoneum.

2. Biopsy

Biopsy is the most important histological diagnosis basis. Biopsy of primary cancer can determine the histological type and pathological stage of the cancer. Biopsy of inguinal lymph nodes can determine whether metastasis has happened. It is helpful in clinical cancer staging and treatment planning.

Self-examination of Penile Cancer

Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou suggest males might self-exam their penises when bathing to help detect the disease timely. For example, lightly turn over the penis to see whether there is swelling, enlargement and mild pain of the penis or heaviness feeling in the abdomen and thighs, if any, go to see the doctor for further examination.

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