Prostate Cancer Symptoms

prostate cancer, symptoms of prostate cancer

In early stage of prostate cancer, there is no special clinical manifestation, while as time goes by, prostate cancer shall manifest many kinds of symptoms and these symptoms would get worse gradually. To sum up, there are mainly three aspects as follows:

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Urination obstruction: because the tumor’s volume increases gradually so as to squeeze urethra, so patients with prostate cancer will suffer from increasingly getting-worse symptoms like dysuria, frequent urination or urination urgency, or other stimulation symptoms like odynuria. Part of advanced stage prostate cancer patients would suffer from urinary retention because they are completely unable to urinate.

Other tissues to be involved in: when prostate cancer invades adjacent or surrounded tissues or organs, a series of local infiltration symptoms shall be caused, for example, tumor invading nerve and cavitas pelvis would cause pain in lower abdomen as well as in perineum or even in testis, or bearing-down pain in scrotum or lumgago; tumor invading urinary bladder, seminal vesicle, would cause these symptoms like bloody urination, hemospemia; tumor invading ureter would cause hydronephrosis; if urethra is invaded, corresponding symptoms like urine retention or urinary incontinence and so on are caused.

Tumor metastasis: it is easy for prostate cancer to spread to skeleton, before skeleton being destroyed, prostate cancer patients shall suffer from great pain, and meanwhile bear the added risk of bone fracture. If bone marrow is damaged, the immunity degrade or anaemia would appear; tumor spreading to blood vessels or lymph node surrounding, circulation of blood or lymph fluid would be obstructed or blocked so that the limbs or perineum of patients shall suffer from edema; tumor spreading to lung, would cause chest pain, pulmonary infection, respiration difficulty, coughing up blood and so on; tumor spreading to liver, would cause discomforts to liver area, jaundice and so on; tumor spreading to brain, would cause headache, dizziness, vomiting, unconsciousness and so on; advanced stage prostate cancer patients may suffer from pleural fluid, ascites, swollen all over the body and so on.

Experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou warmly remind: if similar symptoms of prostate cancer appear, go to standardized hospital for further examinations and timely treatments at the first time.

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