Vaginal Cancer Treatment

Vaginal Cancer Treatment

Therapies for vaginal cancer: surgical therapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, cellular immunotherapy, minimally invasive targeted Chinese combined with western medicine therapy, etc. Details are as follows:


Carcinoma in situ of the vagina can be removed by surgery which resects part of vagina or total vagina. Meanwhile, vaginoplasty will be performed. Early patients whose upper vagina tumor has not been infiltrated deep can be treated with extensive hysterectomy, removal of part of vagina and pelvic Lymph node dissection. As for patients with early lesions of lower segment, the vaginal and vulvar resection and inguinal lymph node dissection can be done.


Radiotherapy for vaginal cancer includes internal radiotherapy (brachytherapy) and external irradiation therapy (teletherapy). Brachytherapy mainly targets at primary lesions of vagina and the adjacent infiltration zone, while teletherapy mainly aims at infiltration area around tumor and metastatic lymph nodes area.


Treatment effect of single chemotherapy is not obvious in vaginal cancer treatment, so it often combines with radiotherapy, which can enhances the therapeutic effect.

Cellular Immunotherapy

Cellular Immunotherapy is a kind of tumor biotherapies. It kills and wounds tumors directly or induces the anti-tumor immunoreaction of the body via transfusing immunocyte with antitumor activity into patients. Immunotherapy is a therapy of using patient’s own immunity to resist and combat against cancer cell. Therefore, it is the safest treatment, with fewer side effects. Immunotherapy not only reduces or delays the possibility of relapse or metastasis, but also improves patients’ life quality.

Minimally Invasive Targeted Therapy

Minimally invasive Targeted therapy is using corresponding medicines against the specific carcinogenic sites (those sites could be a protein molecule or a genetic segment in tumor cells). The medicine would take effect by specially combining carcinogenic sites after entering human body, thus tumor cells would die specifically without affecting normal cells around.

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