Colon Cancer Treatment

Colon cancer impacts much to patients. At present, surgeries, chemotherapies and cell immunity, etc. can advance patients’ living treatment and reduce impact on patients to make a better recovery and faster free from disease.

Colon Cancer Treatment

Traditional Theapies


It emphasizes firstly resection. But pre-resection combined treatment like chemotherapy and radiotherapy has to be linked to increase resection rate and survival rate and lower recurrence rate after resection.


Metastasis and recurrence could occur to almost half of the patients after surgery. Patients in terminal stage and after resection except parts of those in early stage should go through chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is another important method.

1.Systemic intravenous combined chemotherapy.It is mainly based on 5-FU affiliated with conditioner, FH4 to enhance effect of 5-FU

2.Chemotherapy by oral.It mainly refers to prodrug like fluoropyrimidine, which after absorption, can change to 5-Fluorouracil via once or multiple metabolization for anticarcinoma. Chemotherapy by oral has high clinical effect, less side effect, convenience, and availability for out-patient treatment. It is beneficial for elder tumor patients and home chemotherapy, which makes it a new, affiliated therapeutic trend.

New Technology –Cell Immunity Therapy

With development of new technologies, more therapeutic options have come true. Cell immunity therapy, the remarkable achievement of contemporary highly-precise and advanced medical sector, takes on prominent therapeutic effect.

Expert from Modern Cancer Hospital GuangZhou refers that cell immunotherapy is to treat tumor diseases by using TC-well-indentified and restrained immunocell, which is to cure diseases by their own cell. Generally, growth of immunologic cell will get restricted when TC is extending, so culturing immunologic cell outside the body, infuse into the body and finally kill TC systematically is necessary and required. Because of systemic treatment for tumor, and unobvious side effect, cell immunotherapy is presently the most effective and safest affiliated therapy.

Cell immunotherapy mainly is to extract immunologic cell (DC-CIK) in the body, culture it outside the body and reinfuse much to the body in order to regulate immunity functions, enhance antitumor capability, and completely kill tumor cell. Eventually cancer will be cured.

Advantages mainly cover two aspects:

Firstly, it is systemically increase immunity, not regionally.

Secondly, it can effectively and completely eliminate cancer cells, by which recurrence and resulted phenomenon of metastases can be avoided.

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