Esophageal Cancer Treatment

Even though the living standard is greatly improved, people's body is getting worse and worse, esophageal cancer even seriously threatens to people's health. Due to lack of knowledge on esophageal cancer, people often overlook early symptoms of esophageal cancer and delay early treatment. Then, what are the treatments of esophageal cancer?

Esophageal Cancer Treatment

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Traditional treatments of esophageal cancer

1、Surgery: Surgery is the most common treatment of esophageal cancer, which can be divided into palliative surgery and radical surgery on patients' different condition. Surgery has rather good effects as the treatment of early stage esophageal cancer with localized lesions, but it is not so ideal in the treatment of middle and late staged esophageal cancer with distant metastases. In addition, it is easy to remain residual cancer cells and cause relapse.

2、Radiation therapy: Radiation therapy is mainly applied for patients who are not suitable for surgery and have no serious difficulties in swallowing. It can be used to reduce the size of tumor before surgery, or eliminate residual cancer cells after surgery.

3、Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy can control the systemic development of esophageal cancer and increase the effect of surgery or radiation therapy if it is undertaken before surgery or radiotherapy, but it will also bring some toxic and side effects.

Innovative treatments of esophageal cancer

1、Traditional Chinese medicine treatment: After years of exploration and research of Chinese medicine, it is confirmed that traditional Chinese medicine treatment has the effect of conditioning yin-yang balance, reinforcing the healthy Qi and anticancer. The advantage of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is that it possesses a certain inhibitory effect on esophageal cancer and the treatment process does not produce side effects. It can also improve the patients' body immune system, reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs, improve the quality of esophageal cancer patients' life and prolong their survival time.

2、Photodynamic therapy: In recent years, the progress of photosensitizer and endoscopic technology has made photodynamic therapy further developed in the treatment of cancer. Photodynamic therapy refers to inserting photosensitizer to the patients intravenously, after which, cancer tissue will absorb the photosensitizer while normal tissues not. By using a special laser irradiation, photosensitizer will make an effect on cancer cells and causing toxic necrosis, and then the tumor will gradually disappear eventually.

Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that: once suffered from esophageal cancer, one should go to a regular hospital for treatment in a timely manner and maintain a good attitude to fight cancer.

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