Anal Cancer Treatment

Anal Cancer Treatment,Anal Cancer

What are the traditional treatment methods of anal cancer?

Surgery: the site for surgical resection can be determined as per the tumor site and whether there is tumor invasion occurred to sphincter, and lymph node metastasis to groin or not. Surgery includes: abdominal perineal resection and partial resection.

Radiotherapy: radiotherapy is performed as per anal patients’ systemic condition and local condition of tumor. Radiotherapy can be applied to combine with surgery: the use of pre-operative radiotherapy can increase the resection rate; the use of radiation therapy after surgery can reduce anal cancer recurrence.

Chemotherapy: chemotherapy is conducted through oral-taken medication, and sometimes the drug may be injected into the patients’ veins or muscles for treatment therapy. Usually chemotherapy is in conjunction with surgery and radiotherapy to reduce the recurrence of anal cancer.

What are the nursing methods of anal cancer?

Anal cancer patients shall actively cooperate with doctors’ treatments;

Anal cancer patient shall adhere to good living habits;

Anal cancer patients shall give up smoking (if any) and never eat hot spicy foods;

Anal cancer patients shall eat more fresh vegetables and fruits;

Family members and friends of anal cancer patients shall care and encourage patients in no time;

Anal cancer patient shall avoid negative, sad or upset emotion.

The best treatment methods for anal cancer:

The multiple disciplines medical team composed by surgeons, pathologists, radio-oncologists and professional nurses, can provide patients with customized treatment plan through consultations as per anal cancer patients’ condition, so that greatly improve the therapeutic effect of patients.

TCM can also be provided.

TCM have the function of regulating equilibrium and strengthening body resistance to fight cancer, improving immunity as well. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou can combine TCM with other treatment technologies to integrate the advantages of TCM as well as western medicines, and improve the effect of treatment effectively.

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