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Stomach Cancer Symptoms

Stomach cancer is a malignant tumor with high incidence while its death rate is increasing day by day. This phenomenon can attribute to the indefinite early symptoms, for which causing the late diagnosis and treatments. Then what are the more obvious symptoms present in early stomach cancer?

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Symptoms in Early Stage

1. Repletion and upset of upper abdomen. This symptom would go through the whole course of stomach cancer. As a most common sign of early stomach cancer, repletion and upset in upper abdomen without obvious cause would develop in over 70% patients from early stage. It mostly occurs when patients are quiet and disappears once patients are in activity or distracted. And even diet regulation can do little effect on this symptom.

2. Sour regurgitation and burning sensation in stomach. Early stomach cancer patients would complain of stomach upset and the vague aching pain can be relieved  through medicine. Some cases develop the signs like abdominal distention and belching after meals, which may be diagnosed mistakenly as gastritis by doctors.

3. Symptoms like loss of weight and lack of power occur. The development of these symptoms is because of loss of appetite in a short time. Though loss of appetite is one sign of early stomach cancer, patients won’t note it highly as it doesn’t show any pain in stomach.

If the patient has been suffering from stomach cancer for a long time, he may occur bleeding in enteron during daily life. The most common symptoms of that are vomiting of blood, black stool and fecal occult blood presents positive.

Stomach Cancer Symptoms in Late Stage

Actually some symptoms of late stomach cancer are the amplification of early stomach cancer symptoms, which namely is predictable.

1.Being thin and weak, anemia.

2.A long-term upper abdomen pain is also a symptom that would appear in stomach cancer patients in late stage, which is difficult to be relieved.

3.With a high probability to spread, stomach cancer in late stage can directly extend to adjacent pancreas, liver, transverse colon and other organs. It also can travel to the lymph nodes around stomach or distant lymph nodes , for example, some hard and stable lymph nodes can be touched in left supraclavicular region. When it transfers to liver, lung, brain, bones and ovaries, etc., the patient may develop ascites, jaundice and swelling of liver. Perforation, bleeding and necrosis of stomach and other complications are found in serious cases even. Besides, stomach cancer in late stage may present pain in upper abdomen, loss of appetite and weight, lack of power, vomit, black stools or positive fecal occult blood and so no.

4.Other symptoms

The stomach cancer in cardiac part would present a feeling that cannot swallow smoothly, which would further develop to swallowing difficulty and regurgitation of food. Acute gastric perforation aroused from stomach cancer would show the symptoms like pain in whole abdomen and peritonitis. Several cases may have diarrhea, constipation, lower abdomen upset and fever and so on.

Stomach cancer brings patients agony that once related symptoms are found, the patient should go to regular hospital for examination and treatments right away. Timely treatments can effectively improve the life quality and enhance the  longevity of patients.

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