Tongue Cancer Treatment

Experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou said that tongue cancer treatment methods are various, including: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, cellular immunotherapy, minimally invasive targeted therapy with combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Hereby we would like to introduce the following treatment methods:

Tongue Cancer Treatment

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Surgery of tongue cancer

If the tumor located within 2/3 area of anterior tongue, operation should be firstly considered. Tongue cancer has many characters like relatively wider expansion within tongue muscles, early neck lymph node metastasis, high metastatic rate, etc. Therefore, in addition to the T1 cases, the others must consider radical operation for primary foci together with elective neck lymph nodes combined, which includes: primary tumor excision, neck dissection. For the weak and elderly patients of T1/2 tongue cancer or also having other systemic diseases that cannot undergo operation, consideration should be given to other treatment methods.

Radiotherapy of tongue cancer

For T1~T2 early tongue cancer, radiotherapy can achieve good effects. The advantages of radiotherapy are that tongue can keep good shape and function after the therapy.

Chemotherapy of tongue cancer

For early high differentiated tongue cancer, radiotherapy can play a preferred role in the treatment; for advanced tongue cancer, integrated sequential therapy combined with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery shall be adopted. Meanwhile, immune therapy combining with minimally invasive targeted therapy of TCM and western medicines shall be also reinforced.

Cellular immunotherapy of tongue cancer

Cellular immunotherapy belongs to tumor biological treatment, and refers to imputing immune cells with antitumor specialty into patient to directly kill tumor or stimulate the body’s antitumor immune reaction. Therefore, it has the following advantages:

1. Enhance the immune function of patients, at the same time, play the function of antitumor and anti-virus for most of malignant tumors.

2. Reinforce the efficacies during or after treatments of operation excision, interventional therapy, radio-frequency ablation, argon helium knife.

3. For tumor patients who temporarily cannot perform surgery, interventional therapy or other treatments, NK cell therapy can be applied to enhance the body's immune function.

Experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that tongue cancer is a great threat to health of human-being. Once diagnosed with tongue cancer, patients shall receive timely treatments, however, the treatment methods vary, and how to choose proper treatments shall depend on patients’ actual condition.

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