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City News: October 27, 2012, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou successfully launched a “ 2012 Modern Cancer and Health” Forum at Harolds Hotel in Cebu City, Philippines.
Subject to the invitation of local cancer patients and health associations invitation, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou International Cancer Expert-Professor Peng Xiao Chi and Philippine Office General Manager-Mr. He Lang Bing, participated in the forum. Cebu Mayor Atty. Micheal Rama also visited the venue of lecture and activities to congratulated the organizers...[Read more...]

About the lecturer

Peng Xiaochi

Director of Department of Oncology - Chief Physician
With a Master Degree from Sun Yat-Sat Medical College
With a Master Degree from Canada
Specialties: Minimally invasive therapy and multi-disciplinary therapy With a wealth of expeirence in research on and clincal practice of tumor treatment, especially expert at chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, molecular target therapy for various malignant tumors. He is an advocate for minimally invasive therapy and multi-disciplinary therapy for tumor in China.
  • About “2012 Pilippines Health Forum——ILOILO Station”

    On August 30, Peng Xiaochi, cancer specialist, chief of oncology department from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, He Langbing, Manager of Manila office of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, and DR. HALAGO from ILIOILO, Philippines are invited to an interview by Talking Point, introducing cancer knowledge and the advanced anticancer technologies in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

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