• Technologies are the support and excellent medical practitioners are the core of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. High quality medical service meets patients’ satisfaction. Founded in 2005, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou devotes itself to adhering to “Love without Boundaries” as the principle and building up a cutting-edge international hospital with honored reputation at abroad to prolong cancer patients’ lives in the world.Read More

  • Treating disease, 30% depends on the medical treatment and 70% is up to the rest and recuperation; to preserve one's health is the key of recuperation. Every patient in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou can receive warm care and feel at home because nursing people provide thoughtful service and patients enjoy a colorful life and cozy and beautiful environment here. Read More

  • In October 2014, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has been first accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) of the 5th version in China. This means Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has become one of the most world-advanced medical institutes whose medical safety, quality and services have met the highest international standards.Read More

  • Susan: Cancer is a trial of my life. I must fight and never give up. Read More

  • MIMIE ABUTIN, a breast cancer patient from the Philippines, took excision surgery and interventional therapy in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. The treatment effect was very good. Her tumor was eliminated and her condition became stable. ..Read More

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    Therapies of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou are mainly minimally invasive therapies, which are characterized with small trauma, quick recovery and have become important approaches in treating tumor. Multi-disciplinary cancer treatment technologies, combining interventional therapy, cryotherapy, bio-immunotherapy,combination of TCM and western medicine as well as minimally invasive targeted treatment, have brought new hope for patients. Read More

    Interventional Therapy

    Interventional Therapy is a new substitute of traditional chemotherapy, which means that a physician introduces instruments such as needles or catheters (long, thin tubes) into the body through tiny(1-2 mm) incisions in the skin. The instruments are then guided by an imaging technique called fluoroscopy to the cancer tumor. In this way, the physician can deliver cancer medicine directly to the tumor.[ Read More ]

    Particle Knife

    Particle knife (also called 125I Seed Implantation) is a new substitute of traditional radiation therapy. With the help of computer Treatment Planning System (TPS), radioactive particles will be implanted into tumors. The particles which release γ-rays can continuously kill tumor and cause destruction targeting tumor cells. With time, the radiation amount would accumulate to be large enough to destroy the DNA double strands of tumor cells.[ Read More ]


    Cryosurgery Therapy, also known as "Argon-Helium Knife Cryotherapy", is a new substitute of traditional physical therapy. Practically speaking it is "extreme cold + extreme heat" cancer treatment. Generally, a minimum of 10-15 minutes is required to achieve an extreme analgesic (pain relieving) effect while lowering the temperature to the injured area, thus reducing the metabolic rate and swelling associated with tissue injury.[ Read More ]


    Biological therapy (also called Immunotherapy) uses the body's immune system to fight cancer. The cells, antibodies, and organs of the immune system work to protect and defend the body against foreign invaders, such as bacteria or viruses. Physicians in MCHG have found that the immune system might also be able to both determine the difference between healthy cells and cancer cells in the body, and to eliminate the cancer cells.[ Read More ]

    Green Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy is a milestone in cancer treatments. MCHG modified conventional chemotherapy with means, minimizing its side effects while maximizing the efficacy, which is believed to be a new chemical weapon to treat malignant tumor. With the advantages of reducing side effects greatly, those chemotherapies applied in the hospital are considered as green chemotherapies.[ Read More ]

    Photon Knife Therapy

    Photon Knife is also named Three Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy - Multiple Fields, Non-coplane, and Conformal Therapy. Photon Knife is a technique that radiation beams used in treatment are shaped to match the tumor. Previously, radiation treatment matches the height and width of the tumor, meaning that healthy tissue was also exposed to the beams. Now advanced imaging technology has made it possible to locate and treat tumors precisely.[ Read More ]

    Photodynamic Therapy

    Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a treatment that uses a drug, called a photosensitizer or photosensitizing agent, and a particular type of light. When photosensitizers are exposed to a specific wavelength of light, they produce a form of oxygen that kills nearby cells. Each photosensitizer is activated by light of a specific wavelength,which determines how far the light can travel into the body. Thus, doctors can use them to treat different areas of the body.[ Read More ]

    Radiofrequency Ablation

    Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) involves applying heat to certain nerve pathways to "shut off" the transmission of pain signals to the brain. It is performed on an outpatient basis and requires only local anesthetic and mild sedation, alleviating the possible complications of open surgery and general anesthesia. It has a high success rate low complication rate.[ Read More ]

    Endogenic Heat Treatment

    A new secret weapon to kill breast cancer cells by roasting has been widely used. It kills breast cancer cells in a very short time with high-intensity focused ultrasound. During the treatment, patients do not need anesthesia or surgery and won’t suffer any skin burn. Thermal therapy is an advanced treatment for breast cancer.[ Read More ]

    Gene Targeted Therapy

    Targeted Therapy is to research and choose medications according to different types of gene mutation. It reduces the side effect of drugs on human body. Gene Therapy is a supplementary therapy which replaces cancer genes by normal genes. It aims at the root of tumors. In MCHG, we use Targeted Gene Therapy to treat cancer from its fundamental level.[ Read More ]


    Positron emission tomography, also called PET imaging or a PET scan, is a kind of nuclear medicine imaging. PET scan measures important body functions, such as blood flow, oxygen use, and sugar (glucose) metabolism to help doctors evaluate how well organs and tissues are functioning.[ Read More ]


    Nanoknife is the latest, most advanced cancer treatment. Nanoknife is suitable for pancreatic cancer treatment, which can raise the survival rate to more than 2 times for them.[ Read More ]

    Microwave Ablation

    In microwave ablation, a probe will be inserted into tumors, and micro electromagnetic waves will be released to destroy and ablate the cancerous tissues directly. Targeting clearly and affecting intensely on the tumor, MWA won’t produce obvious side effects to normal tissues.[ Read More ]

  • A Broad Scale of Medical Consultation of Women’s Health Was Held in the Community of Guangyuan Village by the Party Branch of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

    A Broad Scale of Medical Consultation of Women’s Health Was Held in the Community of Guangyuan Village by the Party Branch of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou In the morning of March 23th, a broad scale of medical consultation of women’s health was held in the community of Guangyuan villiage by the party branch of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, in response to support programs for women proposed by Guangdong Province Government with a slogan of “Brainstorming for public welfare Happiness Guangdong”... Read More

  • Every Stitch Speaks for Deep Doctor-Patient Relationship

    Every Stitch Speaks for Deep Doctor-Patient Relationship In the morning of Nov 28th, medical staff at ward 5 in St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou received handmade gift paintings made from stitches from a Vietnamese colon cancer patient, NGO THI THU HUONG. Together with her sister, they made these paintings to express their gratitude to the director of oncology department, Dr. Peng Xiaochi, h... Read More

  • Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is a comprehensive modern hospital specializing in oncotherapy and operating under the auspices of the Chinese government and Ministry of Health. The rapid development of China has attracted attention from all over the world. Chinese medical treatment has been one of the beneficiaries of this development, with Modern Hospital Guangzhou as a model 21st century health care facility.The Tumor Consultant Center in Modern Hospital is composed of outstanding cancer specialists who share their expertise through group consultations. This team approach to treatment ensures that every patient benefits . ...[ Read More ]

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