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From 13th to 17 th, October 2014, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou received official inspections by JCI accreditation surveyors. Recently, the evaluation result from JCI headquarter in Chicago, America has reached Guangzhou, which says that Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has been successfully accredited by JCI of the most updated and the most rigorous fifth edition. Winning JCT accreditation marks a new starting point for Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, which means its medical care and services have been recognized by the highest international standard.【Read More】

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What is JCI?

JCI is the abbreviation of Joint Commission International. Founded in 1998, it aims to improve the global patients’ safety and quality of medical services. Thus safety, quality and service are JCI’s core inspection aspects. JCI makes a series of strict and concrete systems to standardize service process so as to minimize the medical errors, guarantee patients’ safety and improve medical quality.

JCI standard is taken as an authority around the world, which represents the highest level of medical services and hospital management. The JCI accreditation not only means that the hospital’s medical services has already reached the international level, but also shows the hospital’s solemn promise to continuously improve the safety and quality of patient care.

JCI in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou
International Advanced Technologies

Advanced medical equipment and treatment technologies not only show a hospital’s strength, but also guarantee the medical services and provide the best condition for treatment effects. In order to support the international medical quality of JCI accreditation, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou spent heavily in introducing international cutting-edge medical apparatus and anti-cancer therapies, which will surely benefits more patients.

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Professional Medical Team

The medical team consisted of professional oncologists who are excellent in medical skills and rich in clinical experience. The hospital adopts multidisciplinary treatment model which will make the most appropriate treatment plan for patients according to their individual condition, and thousands of cancer patients have spoken highly of the MDT model.

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High-quality Medical Services

According to the JCI standard and the “patients-oriented” services principle, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou devotes itself to supply the most convenient, considerate and the safest High-quality medical services for patients by continuous efforts.

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Cozy and Comfortable Environment

The hospital provides patients with cozy wards as well as beds for their accompanies. It also has an exclusive dining room, which offers patients nutritionally balanced diets. Moreover, there are such leisure places as gardern and cafe bar in the hospital so that patients can excercise and relax in spare time.

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Photo gallary of JCI inspection process
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