Cancer Nursing

Family nursing methods for cancer pain

After discharge from hospital, patients can take some methods to relieve their pain when the unbearable cancer pain appeared, for example, relaxation analgesia or some transfer methods of relieving pain can be taken.

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Postoperative Nursing of Pancreatic Cancer Patient

As one kind of malignant tumors, pancreatic cancer poses a threat to people's lives. Once being diagnosed as pancreatic cancer, cancer cells spread easily in short period, so treatment should be taken as early as possible. Nursing of pancreatic cancer

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Common Nursing Methods for Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Expert from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou introduces common nursing methods for nasopharyngeal cancer and hopes that NPC patients can pay attention to these methods.

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What are the Effective Treatments for Nasopharyngeal Cancer Patient in Middle and Adva

For most nasopharyngeal cancer patients in middle and advanced stage, toxic and side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy are unbearable. Therefore the combined treatment of Chinese and western medicine and minimally invasive therapies help

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Three Principles of Home Care for Cancer Patients

cancer patients’ families need to follow three gold principles that are mental nursing, diet nursing care and pain nursing to look after patients, helping them go through hard times smoothly.

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