Cancer Nursing

To tell or to hide the diagnosis of cancers

Should cancer patients be told with their condition of cancer? 80% of cancer patients prefer to know the truth. Moreover, it is better to give them mental support and help them face the truth than to hide the truth..

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Psychological Care of Breast Cancer Patients

The appearance change prior to and after treatment and chemotherapy reaction will cause the double physiological and psychological dysfunction to female breast cancer patients. Doctors and nurses can take related psychological care measures as per pa

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Depression Hurts Cancer Patients Much More than the Cancer Itself Does

when finding cancer patients getting depressed and being down in spirits, good mental nursing and mental support are essential to help patients improve their health conditions.

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Nursing for Cancer Patients Treated with Radiotherapy

Cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy need to be cared well at each course, in order to ensure the treatment effects and the patient's physical condition.

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Massage of Cancerous Pains Should Be Cautious

treatments of traditional Chinese medicine like massage is thought to be safe and without any side effects. But doctors remind you that, to cancer patients, especially the patients in late stages and have developed cancerous pains, random massage possibly makes

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