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How to Vocalize after Throat Cancer Patients Underwent Surgery?

throat cancer patients may feel anxiety and worried since they lost their speech after surgery. Hence, it’s very critical to know the way of speech training for post-operative throat cancer patients. Patients can restore the voice by the help of artificial th

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Postoperative Nursing for Patients with Ovarian Cancer

proper nursing after surgery can promote body’s immunity, improve body’s ability of recovery and meanwhile, assist the prevention of infection and recurrence. Hence, postoperative nursing is very important to ovarian cancer patient.

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Protect Your Daughters from Cervical Cancer

About 17,000 women are affected by HPV-related cancers yearly. But most of these cancers could be prevented by HPV vaccine.

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It is important to know how you should do to find out the suitable cancer treatment so that it can bring good therapeutic effect and defeat cancers.

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Do’s and Don’ts That You Should Know When Someone Has Cancer

When someone is having cancer, they easily feel upset and vulnerable so it is of importance to know some do and don’t so that you can get along with them in a good way. There are some do and don’t that you should know when someone has cancer.

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