Cancer Nursing

Autumn health preserving and nursing for lung cancer patients

Lung cancer brings great damage to us and takes rather long time to treat.

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Experts Answer Your Questions about Lung Cancer with a Wide Range of Information

Data shows that each year, there are 700 million people in the world would be killed by cancers, and among which, lung cancer occupies the prime location.

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How much do you know about home care of colon cancer?

Colon cancer surgery does not cause too much affection to patient’s dietary and daily life.

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Family Care of Liver Cancer Patients

in addition to actively cooperate with treatment, patients with liver cancer need family to give strong mental support and daily living help.

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Home Cares for Gastric Cancer Patients

Home cares are particularly important to gastric cancer patients. Correct home cares can effectively promote the therapeutic effects of gastric cancer and control the patient’s condition greatly.

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