Cancer Nursing

Rehabilitation Exercises after Cancer Operation

in order to enhance immunity, improve digestive functions and promote health condition, cancer patients after operation can have proper physical exercises.

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Psychological Cares to Recurrent Cancer

The recurrence of cancer will bring many patients a deeper sense of fear than the primary cancer, then how to overcome this fear? To search for the reasons on cancer recurrence, patients should pay more attention to their living habits and the psychological fac

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Care after Cancer Surgery

after surgery, cancer patients would feel pain and have action inconvenience; only by understanding the analgesic methods, good wound care and attention paid to the diets, patients can benefit from these to restore health.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Cancer Surgery, Preoperative Care Would Help You

Cancer patients may be told to receive surgery after diagnosis, so it is necessary to let them know some knowledge about preoperative cares to cooperate with the doctors for smooth surgery.

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Stop Pain In Time

most cancer patients would prefer to stand it when cancerous pain occurs. Actually, the pain causing from cancer can relieve effectively through many ways and intended tolerance would affect treatment.

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