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Anticancer new minimally invasive techniques Gospel
The Latest International Ar-He Knife Minimally Invasive Technology Symposium
The Latest International Liver Cancer and Colorectal Cancer Minimally Invasive Technology Symposium
2015 Philippine Health Forum: A Seminar on
The First ASEAN Academic Committee of Minimally Invasive Therapy of Tumor & New Anticancer Announ

On April 12, 2015, the first ASEAN Academic Forum on Minimally Invasive Therapy for Tumor Treatment was successfully completed at Bali Island. The forum conveyed new anticancer technology and many cancer patients shared their stories which bring peopl...

The First ASEAN Academic Committee of Minimally Invasive Therapy of Tumor & New Anticancer Announ
The Latest International Lung Cancer and Prostatic Cancer Minimally Invasive Therapy Symposium

Technology & Equipment
Radiation Therapy
Introduction of Nanoknife Technology
Successful case of nanoknife ablation for pancreatic cancer
Nanoknife:safety and quick recovery; break through pancreatic cancer,“The king of cancer”
The Latest Direction of Tumor Treatment Development in the 21st Century

A Broad Scale of Medical Consultation of Women’s Health Was Held in the Community of Guangyuan Village by the Party Branch of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou
Every Stitch Speaks for Deep Doctor-Patient Relationship
Malaysian Media Group visited St.Stamford MCHG
St. Stamford MCHG Cooperated with East Java Cancer Foundation to Launch Anticancer Activities
China-Vietnam Medical Communication: to Build Anticancer Bridges Together