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The Latest International Anticancer Technology—Minimally Invasive Technology

Liver cancer is one of the most common cancers in Malaysia. Malaysia is ranked fourth in the countries where people have liver cancer. Liver cancer is one of the five male cancers in Malaysia and 80% liver cancer patients are males over 40s.

Medical materials show that the incidence of colorectal cancer in Malaysia is rising. Colorectal cancer has become the second cancer killer and Chinese are the largest group that is diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

However, many cancer patients have lost the best opportunity for cancer treatment as they did not understand the latest international treating cancer technologies. So far minimally invasive technology is the latest international cancer treating technology. Compared with traditional therapies, minimally invasive technology has the advantages of smaller trauma, less side effect, and quicker recovery, which has received a good reputation from a lot of cancer patients. There are 18 kinds of advanced jointed anticancer technology in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, which has already helped countless middle or advanced stage cancer patients to fight against cancer successfully.

Speakers Introduction

The international authoritative cancer experts, Professor Li Xiaoshi and Professor Xu Haitao will be invited to introduce the latest international minimally invasive technology in treating liver cancer and colorectal cancer, and teach those who are interested in how to prevent cancer. If you want to consult them at the spot, please take medical reports, such as PCT/CT, SCAN/MRI, etc, so that our experts will be able to provide comprehensive suggestions.

Professor Li Xiaoshi
Chief Surgeon of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou
Member of Chinese Medical Association
Editorial Member of Chinese Pratical Oncology Journal
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Professor Li Xiaoshi has engaged in clinical work and hospital administration work over 30 years with rich experience. He is specialized in cancer minimally invasive therapy and has an in-dept study of biological immunotherapy (gene therapy & immune therapy), particle targeted therapy, Chinese medicine therapy. Also, he has published about 40 academic articles, ten of which were awarded and won six prizes of technology outcome at provincial level. What’s more, he wrote Handbook of Bone Marrow Inspection and Health Guidelines of Oil Workers.

Professor Xu Haitao
Oncology Expert of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou China
Chief Specialist of Consulting Center of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Leading Expert of National 3A Grade Hospital in China
Member of Chinese Medical Association
Member of China Mongolia Anticancer Association
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Professor Xu Haitao has devoted himself to clinical treatment for about 30 years at 3A grade hospitals in China. With rich clinical practice treatment experiment, he is specialized in comprehensive treatment of cancer in advanced stage, such as lung cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer and esophageal cancer. Dr. Xu has been invited for several times to many national big cities to attend international academic forums of oncology for discussing and communicating with renowned specialists. Also, he has published more than 20 academic articles.

Symposium Information
China Boai Medical Group
Cancer Charity Foundation of China Boai Group
The Latest International Liver Cancer and Colorectal Cancer Minimally Invasive Technology Symposium
Highlights of Symposium
1. The presence of international authoritative oncologists
2. Free consultation
3. Knowing the latest international anticancer technologies—minimally invasive technologies
4. Latest anticancer information publicity material and anticancer recipe for free
1. Patients of liver cancer, colorectal cancer or other cancer patients
2. Families of cancer patients
3. Those who are interested in preventing cancers
MDT team of Experts

Multidisciplinary Team of Experts In MCHG, each of our patients will have a professional team consisting of multidisciplinary experts to follow the whole process of diagnosing, treating and nursing. Our MDT group will include doctors and nurses of various departments such as oncology treatment...[more]