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Visa Extension and Air Ticket Reissue

Visa Extension

Please dial the extension no.1005 inform us and our hospital will provide you with services of visa extension and air ticket reissue.

Working hours: from Monday to Friday, 8:30~12:00am; 13:30~17:30pm

Charge standard:200.00 RMB (Visa fee charged by Exit and Entry Administration Bureau 160.00RMB/time +  photo charge 40.00RMB per person per time).

Materials requested

Materials submitted by the patient: original passport, two bareheaded photos of 1 or 2 inches (taken by photo studios designated by Exit and Entry Administration Bureau in Guangzhou), plus a photo return receipt. (Notification: only one family member is allowed to apply for visa extension along with the patient.)

Materials submitted by our hospital: two copies of passport and visa respectively, certificate of diagnosis with our hospital stamp, registered certificate of foreigner temporary accommodation approved by local police station, a copy of foreigner application form for visa extension.

The Procedures:

1.The patient goes to international patients' services center on the first floor with original passport and registered photos.

2. Relevant staff will copy the passport and visa in triplicate respectively (one copy for the passport holder, the others for Exit and Entry Administration Bureau and police station respectively).

3. The resident physician will give patient the written certification of diagnosis with our hospital stamp.

4. Police station will make out registered form of foreigner temporary accommodation.

5. Our hospital will submit foreigner application form for visa extension to Exit and Entry Administration Bureau together with all aforementioned materials. Then our hospital workers will go to pay the fee of 160.00 RMB for per visa each time and get back the return receipt certificate.

6. Our hospital workers will get back original certificates to the patient according to the requested time on return receipt certificate. (Generally 15 working days are required).

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