Gallbladder Cancer Treatment

Gall bladder cancer is a malignancy that threatens the life of its victims. Therefore, the treatment for gallbladder cancer should be timely. Then what are the treatments for gallbladder cancer? We will introduce the treatments of gallbladder cancer below.

Gallbladder Cancer Treatment

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Surgery of gallbladder cancer

Surgery is the first choice for early gallbladder cancer patients. As long as the condition of a patient allows, surgery should perform to remove the infected parts or even possibly the whole gallbladder based on pathological report. Generally it is thought that when the muscular layer of gallbladder is infected, the region has to remove should extend, including liver tissues closed to gallbladder and soft tissues of hepato-duodenal ligament, and extra-hepatic and biliary excision should be performed when the extra-hepatic bile tract of a patient is involved. To those gallbladder patients in late stages, the treatments should base on individual condition. And the patients who thought to have lymph node metastases, even extend the surgical region, it cannot help to extend their long-term survival rate.

Medication of gallbladder cancer

The therapeutic effect of current chemical medicines for gallbladder cancer is not ideal that the medicine for enteron tumors can be taken as reference. And the medicine of immune enhancement can be the adjunctive therapy of gallbladder cancer.

Radiotherapy for gallbladder cancer

Radiotherapy can control the growth of cancer remaining or current tumors to extend the life of patient relatively.

Gene-target therapy for gallbladder cancer

Gene-target therapy is to kill cancer cells selectively inside patient body by choosing correspondent medicine. It specially focuses on gallbladder cancer and other parts affected.

Traditional Chinese medicine for gallbladder cancer

To match definite traditional Chinese medicines against the pathomechanism of gallbladder cancer can take the effect of heat-clearing and detoxicating to kill cancer cells. Traditional Chinese medicine aims at local treatment while it attaches importance in regulation of general functions. Through oral intake or arterial transfusion, it supports healthy energy to eliminate diseases, benefits vital energy and blood nourishing, and regulates appetite, which improves immunity and fight against the cancer cells at the same time.

According to specialists from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, pathological changes of gallbladder can be detected in early stage as ultrasound devices improving and prevailing. Therefore, the incidence of gallbladder cancer is cut down maximally with timely treatment. Even for the changes from early stages, the prognosis is good through correct treatment. However the therapeutic effect is unhappy to those gallbladder cancer patients of middle and late stages. Since most patients have missed the best chance of treatment in early stage that the cancer develops to late stages. In such a case, excessive and positive treatments not only cannot help a patient to extend his life, instead, would lower the living quality of patient and shorten the life span.

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