Endometrial Cancer Symptoms

Symptoms of Endometrial Cancer

There is no obvious symptom in early stage, and it can only be detected during extensive survey or gynecologic examination for other reasons. Once symptoms appear, then they may manifest as follows:

1.Vaginal bleeding: this is the earliest and most common symptom for endometrial cancer, and it often manifests irregular bleeding, or heavy or light, and female before menopause often have heavy menstrual blood volume and it lasts for long time; after menopause, it often manifests as vaginal bleeding;

2.Vaginal apocenosis: the falling off of endometrial cancer tissue necrosis can cause effusion to be drained through vagina; and the effusion manifests like rice-water mixed with blood or purulence companied with evil smelling;

3.Pain: advanced stage patients often bear great pain which is caused by tumor pressing nerves and can be occurred at the position of lumbosacral area, hypogastrium or even extend to the leg;

4.Advanced stage patients can touch the enlarged womb under the hypogastrium , it can cause swelling and pain to lower extremity or other systemic exhaustion like anaemia, emaciation, fervescence, dyscrasia, etc.

Auxiliary examinations can be carried out as per the abovementioned symptoms to diagnose endometrial cancer, therefore, females shall pay attention to any changes occurred to menstruation and the characters of vaginal secretions. Once certain symptoms appear, go to hospital for examination timely.

 Endometrial Cancer Symptoms

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