Skin Cancer Treatment

There are many treatment methods for skin cancer, such as Ar-He knife, particle implantation , body cell immunotherapy , targeted therapy with integrative Chinese and Western medicine, so the appropriate therapy should be selected according to the specific diseases.

Skin Cancer Treatment

Proper treatment methods for skin cancer should be based on its histological types, and its anatomical sites, patient’ age, gender, general health condition, etc should also be considered. As to anatomical regions, attention should be paid to certain areas that are prone to recur after operation such as the area around the eyes, nose, ears, etc. For those areas, treatment with better effect must be chosen. Besides, surgery can be done but before that the beautifying, appearance of wounds, and skin function should be considered.

Furthermore, the health condition of the patient should be considered comprehensively. If the patient is suffering from coagulation disorders or under anticoagulation therapy (ACT), the treatment with no bleeding must be adopted, such as Ar-He knife, particle implantation, and immunotherapy. For those who cannot bear the treatment mentioned above, such as the old and sick people, female patients who cannot bear a long period of radiotherapy, targeted therapy with integrative Chinese and Western medicine.

Ar-He Knife

Ar-He knife is essentially “super-freezing treatment plus heat treatment ". When argon is released rapidly from the tip of needle, in ten seconds tumor tissue can be frozen to - 120℃~ - 165℃, forming an ice ball, thus tumor tissue within ice ball will be "hungry and cold"( hunger because it is lack of blood supply and oxygen, while coldness comes from the super low temperature) causing coagulation and then necrosis of the tumor tissue. When helium is rapidly released from the tip of the needle, the temperature will be increase to 20 ℃ ~40 ℃, causing thawing and then blasting of the ice ball, so as to destroy the tumor tissue and prevent damage to normal tissue.

Particle Implantation

Both basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are very sensitive to the radiation therapy, so before treatment plan is given, the patient’s age, sex, history of tumor, anatomical sites must be considered, so as to guarantee final treatment effect.125I particle is an energetic radionuclide, which can send out continuous and short-range gamma rays to kill tumor cells. It can achieve the effect of radiotherapy on tumor as surgery does, so it is known as the particle knife.

Body Cell Immunotherapy

Body cell immunotherapy infuses immune cells (which are active to fight cancer) into patient’s body, so as to directly kill tumor or activate immune response to fight against tumor. Body cell immunotherapy is a green therapy to fight against skin cancer, which can completely remove residual cancer cells and dormant cells in blood and lymph, and has irreplaceable advantages in killing tumor cells, resisting tumor recurrence and metastasis. Therefore, body cell immunotherapy can well make up for the damage on body’s immunity caused by surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, so as to bring hope to the skin cancer treatment.

Targeted Therapy with Combination of Chinese and Western Medicine

Combined advantages of Chinese medicine with Western medicine to fight against cancer, the therapy receives greater efficacy than that of any single therapy. Through a minimally invasive targeting technology, tumor will be directionally, accurately cleaned and killed, so as to maximally reduce harm to body brought by the treatment. At the same time, it combines traditional Chinese medicine to regulate entirely body function, in order to reinforce the healthy qi to fight against cancer, enhancing immunity and physical health.

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