Duodenal Cancer Treatment

What are the traditional treatments of duodenal cancer?

Surgery: it includes pancreatoduodenectomy, segmental duodenal tube excision, local excision of papillary tumor and subtotal gastrectomy.

Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy: Even though those two therapies take poor effect on duodenal cancer, they can prolong the survival time of patient. What’s more, radiotherapy and chemotherapy matching with surgery can effectively improve the resection rate and reduce the recurrence of duodenal cancer.

Daily nursing methods of duodenal cancer

· A patient should keep away from smoking, alcohol, strong tea and coffee.

· Binge overeating is forbidden and avoid spicy and coarse food.

· Reduce the usage of drugs irritating stomach and intestines.

· A patient should have more fresh vegetables and fruits.

· Have reasonable and nutritious diets.

· Pay attention to hygiene of the tableware for patient.

A multidisciplinary team composed of surgeons, pathologists, radiation cancer experts, minimally invasive oncologists, nurses for cancer nursing and interpreters carries out expert consultation according to symptoms and conditions of patients with duodenal cancer and then gives treatment plans that are most applicable to the patient, in order to greatly improve the therapeutic effect of duodenal cancer patient.

Traditional Chinese medicine can regulate the balance of body and strengthen the resistance to tumor. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou combines Chinese medicine and other cancer treatments together, while at the same time integrates the advantages of both Chinese medicine and western medicine, which can effectively improve the effect of cancer treatments.

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