Leukemia Treatment

Leukemia is a malignant disease of blood-forming system. It can happen in all ages. Acute leukemia is seriously threatening people's health as it suddenly happens, develops fast and is dangerous. With the advancing of medical science, many acute leukemia patients are able to have their painfulness well relieved through active treatment. In fact, nowadays, to relieve the painfulness of leukemia is no more the terminal target of treatment. In stead, to improve the patients' life quality and prolong their lives have become the emphasis of researches. So far, treatment methods for leukemia include:

Leukemia Treatment

Bone Marrow Transplantation

Bone marrow transplantation is performed after cleaning out the cancer cells and abnormal clonal cells in the patient's body and shut down the pathogenesis through intensive radiation therapy, chemotherapy or other immune inhibiting methods. It is to implant the normal blood-forming stem cells from the patient or others to the leukemia patient to help reconstruct their normal blood-forming and immunity functions, thus to achieve the treatment purpose. It is the most effective treatment method for leukemia, through which about 50% of leukemia patients can have long survival time.


Chemotherapy also is an important treatment method for advanced leukemia. It aims to clean out the clonal cells of leukemia and reconstruct bone marrow to regain normal blood-forming function. Chemotherapy can be divided into: induction chemotherapy, chemotherapy after relief, chemotherapy after treatment, intensive treatment. It can effectively relieve symptoms of leukemia, extend patient's life. Moreover, it is a necessary step before bone marrow transplantation.

Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

While chemotherapy and biotherapy bring many toxic side effects to human body, a combination with Chinese medicine in treating advanced leukemia can effectively reduce those toxic side effects. For advanced leukemia patients who have wide metastasis and are in poor condition, thus cannot tolerant the side effects of chemotherapy, they can undergo expectant treatment with Chinese medicine, which has obvious effect in improving life quality and extending life.


Research on biotherapy has gained great progress in recent years. DC-CIK biotherapy techniques aim to activate the immune mechanism to improve the immunity of the patient and eliminate the cancer cells as well as inhibit their reproducing, thus to prevent recurrence and metastasis.

Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that, as there are many kinds of leukemia, treatment plan must be made after comprehensive evaluation of patient's personal condition. Although there is still a long way for the medical circle to completely cure leukemia, leukemia patients can still have their disease controlled by following doctor's suggestion and choosing suitable treatment, in addition, paying attention to the daily diets.

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