Thyroid Cancer Treatment

Traditionally, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and endocrine therapy are applied to thyroid cancer. But nowadays, as medical technologies developing, cancer treatment has developed to an integrated treatment of multiple therapies from the mode of traditional one-treatment. The integrated treatment of multiple therapies can be seen especially in the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine.

Thyroid Cancer Treatment

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1. Surgery

Surgery is the first choice in treating thyroid cancer. It generally divides to total thyroidectomy, subtotal thyroidectomy and thyroid ablation etc. Surgery normally is hard to remove all the thyroid tissues, some lesions may exist in remaining thyroid tissues, which may become hidden danger of recurrence.

2. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is mainly used as postoperative adjunctive therapy for the poorly differentiated or undifferentiated thyroid cancer. Apart from that, it can be the palliative therapy for the thyroid cancer patients in late stage, whose condition aggravates rapidly. However, its clinical therapeutic effect is poor and its toxic side effect is high that, it usually combines with traditional Chinese medicine to reduce the side effects to improve the therapeutic effect.

3.Endocrine therapy

Thyroxine can constrain the secretion of TSH that it can inhibit hyperplasia of thyroid tissues and differentiated cancer. Besides, it gets better therapeutic effect on papillary and follicular adenocarcinoma. Therefore, the patients with the thyroid cancers mentioned above should have thyroxine preparation after surgery, which would have certain effect to prevent cancer recurrence and metastases. But this method doesn’t work on undifferentiated thyroid cancers.

4. Radiotherapy

As one of adjunctive therapies for thyroid cancer, radiotherapy can divide to internal radiation and external radiation according to different pathological categories, and is applicable before or after surgery or cooperates with traditional Chinese medicine. Each type of thyroid cancer gets different sensitivities to radiation. External radiation works well in short term on undifferentiated cancer to reduce the size of primary tumor obviously and relieve pressure symptoms and pain effectively. Differentiated adenocarcinoma has poor sensitivity to radiation that radiotherapy normally would not use as adjunctive therapies before or after surgery.

5. Combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine can be performed through the whole thyroid cancer treatment. It is also applicable to reduce the recurrence after surgery or to the patients who are inoperable or the recurrent after surgery. Besides that, it is also available to the symptoms causing from surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other treatments like physical weakness, fatigue and so on.

6. Minimally invasive treatments.

It is a kind of treatment that performed under the guide of medical imaging devices, such as CT scan, to inert the special duct or guide wire inside patient body to diagnose the lesion or abstract the tissues of from lesions. Then a doctor can decide should a patient have treatment at the same time or the other day. It needs only a trauma 1-2mm to perform the whole treatment that it features small trauma, fast recovery and good therapeutic effect.

As specialist from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou introduces, choosing thyroid cancer treatment should according to the comprehensive factors of a patient, such as stage, physical condition, tolerance and case history etc.

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