Even You Are a Non-Smoker May Lung Cancer Attack You

Lung cancer has become a disease with high incidence, which is related to constant air pollution and individual smoking habit. It first occurs to everyone that the patient should be a smoker once he/she develops lung cancer unfortunately. Actually some lung cancer patients do not smoke at all, how come those non-smokers develop lung cancer? This is all closely connected with secondhand smoke, a new word attracts more and more attention today.

Why secondhand smoke gets higher toxicity? That is because, on one hand, non-smokers breathe in the smoke from cigarette burning or exhaled by smokers, which is irritated and containing more harmful substance. On the other hand, non-smokers get weaker resistance to that harmful substance in cigarettes. Currently, secondhand smoke is listed as strong carcinogenic substance by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), National Toxicology Program (NTP) and International Agency for Research on Cancer of World Health Organization.

So even you don't smoke, lung cancer can attack you too. Let's know more about lung cancer can we effectively stay away from it.

1、Secondhand Smoke Is The Prime Criminal Of Lung Cancer In Women.
The incidence of lung cancer in women increases in recent years and most female patients are related to secondhand smoke. Though those female patients do not smoke, but have to ...[read more]
2.10 Questions Test Your Risk of Developing Lung Cancer.
Though lung cancer has become the most serious disease in respiratory system, its cause is still unknown. Mass data indicated that smoke greatly for long is a main risk factor of lung cancer...[read more]
3.The Health Care of Lung Cancer in Fall.
The health care is important to lung cancer patients since lung cancer does great harm to patients. Good health care is helpful to treatment and can relieve the pain from cancer to improve patient's...[read more]
4.Do You Know Mongo Can Prevent Lung Cancer?
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5.A Cookbook Teaches You to Stay Away From Lung Cancer through Diets.
The prevention of lung cancer, except smoking, you should pay more attention to the health care of your lungs. Have nourishing food in daily diets can help to build up strong lungs unwittingly ...[read more]
6.Helpful Diets for Lung Cancer Patients
It is known to all that fighting cancer it is a protracted war. Then reasonable diet is an important link in lung cancer treatment and rehabilitation, what is more, it would affect the treatment effect directly.Cancer specialists
from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou bring you the cookbook of lung cancer ...[read more]
7.Cancer Specialist Interview

Cancer Specialist Answers Your Doubts of Lung Cancer

The member of Chinese Anticancer Association, cancer and biotherapy specialist, Dr. Cao Chun from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou would introduce...[read more]

◆ Common knowledge of lung cancer
How do you know about lung cancer? Do you know its cause, incidence, screen methods and other related information?Click here to know more!
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Treatment of lung cancer
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